Why is it so hard to define Services?

September 29 , 2015 By Christopher Morgan

Everyone in an IT organization should know how his or her team provides value to the business. Defining your Services is a key factor in accomplishing this goal. Services—what your organization offers to your customers—are both the pinnacle and the foundation of an IT organization, yet it seems to me that far too many organizations struggle with defining what they are. Services are the pinnacle because they sit at the... [Read More]

G2 Crowd, the ‘YELP’ of Enterprise raises $7 Million in Funding!

September 22 , 2015 By Katie McKenna

Here at EasyVista, we are extremely excited for G2 Crowd, a leading B2B software review platform, for securing $7 million in its latest round of funding. G2 Crowd describes itself as “Yelp for enterprise.” It’s a powerful tool for those researching potential technology purchases. Many of our own customers have posted reviews and used G2 Crowd to research their technology options. In fact, the reviews on EasyVista resulted in a... [Read More]

4 Reasons You Must Visit EasyVista at FUSION 15

September 14 , 2015 By Katie McKenna

We love being a sponsor of FUSION 15 because it’s the perfect place for ITSM experts and novices alike to gain critical knowledge of processes and industry tools that can help add value to their business. This year, itSMF USA and HDI are hosting FUSION in New Orleans from November 1-4 and it’s “Roarin’ 20s” themed! We just think that’s the bee’s knees, so without further ado, here are four... [Read More]

Tech Execs Reveal Major IoT Insights

September 7 , 2015 By Katie McKenna

In an effort to gain a deeper understanding of the Internet of Things space from a leadership perspective, Tom Smith, Industry analyst at DZone, interviewed 22 technology executives, including EasyVista General Manager of NA, Kevin Coppins. It was discovered that the executives often had similar views on the current and future IoT landscape, despite coming from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Due to these uniformities, some significant conclusions manifested regarding how... [Read More]