How Universities Get an “A+” in Service Management From Students on the Move

October 28 , 2015 By Sherry Macias

We know that CIOs and their teams in the corporate world are focused on how to bring more digital services and capabilities to their workforce. But you’re hard pressed to find the need so acute as in the world of Higher Education. Imagine managing the ‘onboarding’ and ‘offboarding’ thousands of students, twice a year. Not to mention the dynamic changes that occur within an entire student body and faculty in... [Read More]

THE MARTIAN: Why Being a Higher Ed CIO is the Hardest IT Job in the Galaxy

October 23 , 2015 By Kevin Coppins

In my role I get to spend time with all kinds of professionals across a wide array of industries.  It's why I enjoy what I do, always learning and getting to see "the real world" from the trenches of modern IT.  I always have to chuckle when I hear a Corporate CIO talk about the challenges of their BYOD policy and how they plan on dealing with "shadow IT". It's... [Read More]

Case Study: Wireless Analytics Transforms their IT by Replacing Legacy ITSM

October 21 , 2015 By Katie McKenna

Check out this case study about Wireless Analytics and their journey in growing beyond their existing ITSM solution and discovering a new service management solution—one that meets all the modern demands of their business. Many of our customers are battling this challenge today. The IT landscape has changed with the multitude of cloud services to manage and the users who want access to what they need directly from mobile devices.... [Read More]

What Type of BBQ’ers Do You Have On Your Team?

October 8 , 2015 By Christopher Morgan

If it’s getting close to lunchtime, you may not want to read ahead.  I was going to write about IT team dynamics, but instead I decided that we should have a discussion about BBQ. Yes, BBQ, the art and science of cooking delicious meat.  The interesting thing is that for the countless styles of finished meals you get with BBQ—Cajun style Andouille sausage, St. Louis Style Ribs, Huli Huli Chicken,... [Read More]

Pitbull, Facilities or the IT Help Desk? Who gets the call?

October 7 , 2015 By Kevin Coppins

It's going to happen.  Your executive briefing center has been upgraded to the latest in LED technology, with the room lights automatically shifting to match the presenter/time of day/customer logo/the carpet - whatever might make the sale.  It's super cool, customers are impressed, partners are wowed and the electric bill is down. Then, on the day your biggest prospect has booked the room, rather than setting the mood, your LED's... [Read More]

Free Gartner Research That’ll Influence Your ITSSM Short List

October 5 , 2015 By Katie McKenna

Have you heard the news? Gartner released its new Critical Capabilities for IT Service Support Management Tools report. Published on August 25, 2015, the research report is designed to help IT leaders evaluate which ITSSM products are best suited to meet their organization’s needs based on I&O maturity level. Gartner analysts thoroughly vetted nine of the leading ITSSM tools, weighing the solutions on the critical capabilities required in four main... [Read More]