Student Portal Service Management

Revolutionizing the Student Experience with Service Management

March 31 , 2016 By James Bradley

This is the second of four blogs on the topic of Transforming the University with IT Service Management. The first one “The Evolution from Higher Ed CIO to Chief Services Provider” provides useful background to this blog post. One of the keys to transforming the university is the move from multiple silos delivering services to finding ways to pull together single service areas. One of the most obvious of these... [Read More]

Higher Education Service Management - Evolution of the Higher Ed CIO

The Evolution from Higher Ed CIO to Chief Services Provider

March 29 , 2016 By James Bradley

This is the first of four blogs on the topic of Transforming the University with IT Service Management. Higher Education’s IT departments are facing a shifting paradigm driven by changes in their customer base and in the capabilities of the market. Students, faculty, and staff have not been just users of IT services for some time—they are service consumers who obtain services themselves and are savvy enough to pull in... [Read More]

HDI16 service management conference

Get Mobile-first and Chill with EasyVista at HDI16

March 28 , 2016 By Katie McKenna

EasyVista has some majorly cool plans in the works for HDI16. We will be participating as a Platinum Sponsor at the HDI 2016 Conference & Expo in Orlando, Florida from April 12-14th. This year’s HDI conference boasts 2,400 IT support professionals, nine learning tracks, eighty content-rich sessions, five keynote speakers, and endless networking opportunities. HDI aims to provide the knowledge, resources, and contacts to inspire technical support professionals with renewed... [Read More]

Higher Education Service Management

Higher Ed Webinar: Supercharging Service Delivery in the Mobile Era

March 25 , 2016 By Katie McKenna

Higher Ed IT organizations face a unique set of service delivery challenges. Campus IT isn’t just about keeping the lights on anymore. It’s about providing an increasing number of services to a growing crowd of tech savvy and self-sufficient consumers. Educational IT is undergoing a major shift—a switch from managing the underlying technology infrastructure, to a new standard of managing and delivering services. And EasyVista is ready to help universities... [Read More]

Mobile-first embraced by Enterprise IT

Enterprises Welcome Mobile-first Service Management – EasyVista Soars

March 16 , 2016 By Katie McKenna

The mobile imperative movement is here and it’s only going to intensify. According to IDC predictions, mobile workers will account for nearly three quarters (72.3%) of the total US workforce by 2020. The growing usage of mobile devices coupled with rising expectations from users in the workplace means that mobile is no longer a secondary thought in Service Management; it’s a core and vital capability for business success. These trends... [Read More]

Mobile first for enterprise service management

It’s a Mobile, Mobile, Mobile World…Time to Embrace It

March 4 , 2016 By Arnie McKinnis

You need to go no further than any gathering of people—the mall, a restaurant, a sporting event—to realized we have become a connected, mobile society. We can debate why that is; what you can’t debate are the facts, and these are just a few: • In 2009, smartphone shipments came to 173.5 million units worldwide. In 2013, shipments passed the one billion mark for the first time in history. (Statista)... [Read More]