How Mature is Your ITSM Strategy? Our Webinar Has the Answers!

March 14 , 2017 By Katie McKenna
ITSM Maturity Survey Results

Have you ever wondered how your ITSM maturity stacks up against other IT organizations? We recently partnered with a third-party survey and data analysis firm to provide free customized ITSM maturity reports to IT service desk professionals who took the survey. Now, those survey results are in and we’re ready to unveil some startling results!

Watch the webinar replay to hear the aggregated results and learn where you stand compared to other service desk managers.

Grow up! The State of ITSM 2017: Industry Survey Results!

Recording Date: March 28, 2017
9am PT / 12pm ET
Watch the Replay Now!

If you’re looking for an action plan to take your ITSM maturity to the next level, this is your webinar! Join us to hear the aggregated results and learn where you stand compared to other service desk managers. Chris Dunn, EasyVista Global Director of Product Marketing, will share results from the survey and reveal insights of the top ITSM maturity concerns and priorities in the market today.

  • Why the relationship between the business and IT is so strained.
  • The low hanging fruit most organizations are ignoring.
  • The least used but likely most impactful tools to improving your services.

Don’t forget to complete your own maturity assessment. You’ll receive your complimentary report which includes a customized baseline assessment, service improvement planning, and suggestions for continual improvement over time.

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