Insightful Career Lessons That Will Help Pave Your Way to Your IT Dream Job

February 15 , 2017 By Sherry Macias
IT Career Lessons from ITSM Expert

This “View From The Top” post features our own Kevin Coppins, General Manager of the Americas, who was recently published in the IT Leadership section of  If you’re interested in real career advice coupled with an entertaining read, check out the article From “Reluctant Accountant” To IT Dream Job: 5 Career Lessons.

As you may gather from the title, Kevin didn’t follow a straight line from college grad to GM at a global IT company. In fact, his journey was quite circuitous yet filled with lessons that would carry on throughout his career. Of course, hindsight makes it simple to see how the paths we take build on to each other to make sense.  But, in the thick of the journey, it’s not always clear and connecting the dots from a place that seems far from your dream job can be daunting.

So how do you make your way?  “Curiosity, connections, and a search for the right fit are some of the keys to working your way into the job you really want,” says Kevin.

Read the full article to find some effective advice that you may not expect! Hopefully the 5 lessons Kevin learned will be helpful advice in your own unique journey.

Sherry Macias is a Silicon Valley veteran with years in executive marketing and communications working for leaders in the service management arena.  Her passion today with EasyVista is exploring leading edge trends of service delivery through business apps to create a true digital workplace.  She lives in San Diego where she continues her personal and professional aspirations… beachside.
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