Demand in the Digital Workplace Drives EasyVista Growth

EasyVista Announces Record Growth in H1 and $8.4M Investment as Demand Surges in ITSM and the Digital Workplace

August 17 , 2016 By Katie McKenna

It’s an exciting day with two major announcements from EasyVista. First, we blew out a record first half period of any year in EasyVista history. At the same time, we raised funding from investors in Europe and the US. It’s clear that more and more enterprises are moving towards enabling a user-centric work environment, utilizing mobile-first and SaaS technologies to get there. With the service desk proving to be the... [Read More]

The ITSM Mobility Challenge in a BYOD World

The Emerging Mobility Challenge: Supporting User Productivity in a BYOD World

July 14 , 2016 By Arnie McKinnis

Welcome back to the series – 10 Must Ask Questions When Buying (or re-signing) a Service Management Solution. If you missed previous posts, catch up with the links below. Question #2: Can service be accessed from different types of devices? In our personal lives, we are in constant movement, going from one place to the next. Even during our busy days, most of us are never “out of touch” with... [Read More]

IT Service Management: User Enablement & Adoption

Closing the Gap Between User Expectations and IT Service Realities

June 23 , 2016 By Arnie McKinnis

Welcome to this blog series – 10 Must Ask Questions When Buying (or re-signing) a Service Management Solution. If you missed the previous post, catch up with the link below. Question #1: How will service management enable my end users, and will they use it? Nothing is more important for IT than to understand user needs and create services which support them. The challenge for IT today is closing the gap... [Read More]

Mobile first for enterprise service management

It’s a Mobile, Mobile, Mobile World…Time to Embrace It

March 4 , 2016 By Arnie McKinnis

You need to go no further than any gathering of people—the mall, a restaurant, a sporting event—to realized we have become a connected, mobile society. We can debate why that is; what you can’t debate are the facts, and these are just a few: • In 2009, smartphone shipments came to 173.5 million units worldwide. In 2013, shipments passed the one billion mark for the first time in history. (Statista)... [Read More]

ITSM software vendor selection tips

How to Pick a Software Provider You’ll Love

February 29 , 2016 By Benoit Tessier

This post was originally published on G2 Crowd's website as part of their Thought Leadership Program which aims to provide general tips, insights and content to aid business professionals involved in the software buying process. Picking the right vendor for your next software solution is no easy task. Technology investments are not cheap and the devotion of proper ramp-up time, resources and training is necessary for success with any solution. Often... [Read More]

service management, ITSSM, ITIL resources roundup

The Round Up: The Best of the Best 2015

February 17 , 2016 By Katie McKenna

As the social media guru here at EasyVista, I’m always looking for the latest and greatest Service Management resources to share with our growing number of followers—whether it’s new market research, an interesting case study, a thought leadership article, industry trends, or breaking news stories. I’m sure I’m not alone in this quest which gave me the idea of rounding up our top read resources of 2015! Below you’ll find... [Read More]

Mobile First Service Management

And the Winner of the Leading Trend of 2016 is…!!!

December 23 , 2015 By Katie McKenna

The trends in 2015 Service Management speak to the needs of customers, and to what’s next. EV has been busy with innovations leading the market to meet those expectations. With the ‘demand’ of “customer-obsessed models” from our customers around the world, our focus for next year is to extend beyond IT Consumerization to enabling our customers with mobile first capabilities. At our core, EasyVista is committed to helping customers provide... [Read More]

Happy New Year in Service Management

Throwback Thursday: Ramping Up for Another Stellar Year

December 17 , 2015 By Katie McKenna

EasyVista has had a fantastic year helping customers around the world consumerize their IT services in 2015. In celebration, we're flashing back to our ‘super cool’ Happy New Year e-card from January of this year. We look forward to ushering in 2016 with continued innovation and excellence, powering organizations into the next era of helping customers consumerize services for their users with mobile, business applications. Check out our 2015 video... [Read More]