FUSION 16 IT Service Management (ITSM) Conference

FUSION 16: Why What Happens in Vegas, Won’t Stay in Vegas

October 31 , 2016 By Katie McKenna

It’s said that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” But that’s not always the case. No, I’m not talking about dealing with the aftermath of an Elvis-officiated wedding. I’m talking about FUSION, the annual service management conference and expo held by itSMF USA and HDI. This event brings together thousands of top IT service management professionals to network and learn with the best. The ultimate goal being to return... [Read More]

WADOC shares how Automation and Self-service improved ITSM

From iPhones to Tasers: EasyVista Helps WADOC IT Support Their 8,000 Users

September 30 , 2016 By Katie McKenna

The best quote from yesterday’s InformationWeek article featuring our customer Washington Department of Corrections, didn’t make it to print. In fact, it was in our first meeting with Susan Nunziata, InformationWeek’s Editorial Director, who said: “This is one of our more unique end user customer stories of the year.” And it really is. It’s always exciting to see how our technology is being leveraged in unique ways by interesting customers—and... [Read More]

EasyVista CFO Talks ITSM, Digital Workplace & Goals

EasyVista’s New CFO Shares Thoughts on ITSM, The Digital Workplace, and Upcoming Goals

September 26 , 2016 By Katie McKenna

In case you haven’t heard, Vincent Migayrou has been appointed as EasyVista’s Chief Financial Officer. Vincent joins us as a seasoned, 30+ year finance and operations pro with a focus on IT and fast growth businesses. His extensive experience in high growth companies comes at a particularly fortuitous time as EasyVista continues to celebrate its recent $8.4M Investment and record growth in H1 of this year. Vincent was kind enough to... [Read More]

Demand in the Digital Workplace Drives EasyVista Growth

EasyVista Announces Record Growth in H1 and $8.4M Investment as Demand Surges in ITSM and the Digital Workplace

August 17 , 2016 By Katie McKenna

It’s an exciting day with two major announcements from EasyVista. First, we blew out a record first half period of any year in EasyVista history. At the same time, we raised funding from investors in Europe and the US. It’s clear that more and more enterprises are moving towards enabling a user-centric work environment, utilizing mobile-first and SaaS technologies to get there. With the service desk proving to be the... [Read More]

Gartner Report: Make Mobile Part of Your Digital Workplace Strategy

Free Gartner Report Advises IT to Leverage Enterprise Mobility for ROI in The Digital Workplace

August 11 , 2016 By Katie McKenna

The Digital Workplace has become the talk of the IT town—and for good reason. There’s a lot of value IT can drive into the business by increasing the ROI of mobility into their organizations. This also gives IT the ability to become the "onramp" to the digital workplace by increasing efficiencies, employee engagement, and agility. A successful strategy all comes down to creating a more consumerized work environment for the... [Read More]

The ITSM Review: The role of ITSM in the Digital Workplace

ITSM Tools, Service Delivery & Being Awesome

July 20 , 2016 By Sherry Macias

Vawns Murphy is right on point when she begins in her recent article, "I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Being just 'good enough' isn’t good enough anymore." And she continues, "We live in an age of innovation and CSI (Continual Service Improvement); where we need to be continually adapting to changing business priorities and finding ways to be leaner and more agile in our delivery. But let’s face... [Read More]

The Service Desk is Key to the Digital Workplace

Just Announced! Today’s Service Desk Deemed On-ramp to the Digital Workplace

July 13 , 2016 By Sherry Macias

Yesterday EasyVista announced that the IT service desk has become the on-ramp for the evolving Digital Workplace. This is a clear trend evidenced by the surge of adoption among customers’ employees wanting consumer-like services from IT, as well as leading Gartner analysts, both indicating that the service desk is expanding its role from simply IT support to a key enabler of employee service. Over the last year, the ratio of EasyVista’s... [Read More]

EasyVista ITSM Keeps Domtar Service Desk Happy

Domtar Keeps Users and Service Desk Staff Happy with EasyVista

July 1 , 2016 By Katie McKenna

Despite managing a diverse set of applications due to frequent mergers and acquisitions, Domtar, a leading provider of fiber-based products, has kept users happy and reduced IT help desk turnover. Their secret? Domtar transformed ITSM processes with EasyVista and hasn’t looked back since. IT World Canada recently sat down with Domtar’s Michel Meunier, VP of IT, and EasyVista’s Kevin Coppins, GM of North America, to dig deeper into this manufacturing... [Read More]

New EasyVista ITSM features for Digital Workplace

Announcing: EasyVista Sustains Mobile-First Service Management Leadership in the Digital Workplace with Newest Innovations

June 30 , 2016 By Katie McKenna

Today EasyVista announced the newest innovations enhancing ITSM in the Digital Workplace Let’s face it—traditional ITSM is not cutting it anymore. With mobile technologies on the rise for productivity at work, users are expecting more from enterprise IT organizations now than they did just a few years ago. Technology in our personal lives has set the bar for what users expect at work—easy-to-use apps and self-service portals to get work... [Read More]