IoT is Driving the Need for Asset and Configuration Management

4 Reasons Why the IoT is Driving the Need for Asset and Configuration Management

July 26 , 2017 By Justin Roux

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to be an area of interest for IT media – with articles speaking of many th­­­ings, from the technology itself, through security (and high-profile breaches), to how the IoT is linked to big data, and more recently, artificial intelligence (AI). For corporate IT departments, such media coverage offers both warnings and compelling use cases of the technology to improve business operations, analytics and decision-making... [Read More]

451 Research Webinar Recap: Impacts of Mobile on ITSM & the Service Desk

The Why, What, and How of Mobile’s Impact on the Service Desk

January 4 , 2017 By Katie McKenna

Indulge me for a moment and raise your hand if you’ve seen an increase in mobile device usage for standard business applications (like email for example). If you’re anything like the 100% of audience members who answered “yes” to this polling question during our recent webinar with 451 Research, then your hand is raised high. There’s no question that mobile trends and digital experience innovations have permeated today’s enterprise tech... [Read More]

Mobile-first embraced by Enterprise IT

Enterprises Welcome Mobile-first Service Management – EasyVista Soars

March 16 , 2016 By Katie McKenna

The mobile imperative movement is here and it’s only going to intensify. According to IDC predictions, mobile workers will account for nearly three quarters (72.3%) of the total US workforce by 2020. The growing usage of mobile devices coupled with rising expectations from users in the workplace means that mobile is no longer a secondary thought in Service Management; it’s a core and vital capability for business success. These trends... [Read More]

Higher Ed Harnesses Service Management to Tame IoT

Gonzaga University Chooses a Better Service Management Solution to Crush IoT Challenges

February 25 , 2016 By Katie McKenna

What happens when 7,400+ students show up with eight IoT-enabled devices each as campus IT struggles with an inefficient service desk solution that’s about to become un-supported? This may sound like the start of a bad joke—or nightmare—but it’s exactly the predicament that Gonzaga University found itself in. Read on to hear how a major learning institution overcame its struggles with IoT by leveraging a new, robust ITSM solution. The... [Read More]

BYOD at Thanksgiving

When BYOD Shows Up at the Thanksgiving Table…

November 25 , 2015 By Katie McKenna

Warm wishes of a happy and healthy Thanksgiving to all of our customers, partners, employees, and friends around the world! This year, we are thankful that we were able to meet so many of you in person this month at EV Connect 2015 in New Orleans. We had such a good time networking and learning with you! While the BYOD / BYOE movement is pervasive, we hope it hasn't completely invaded... [Read More]

Pitbull, Facilities or the IT Help Desk? Who gets the call?

October 7 , 2015 By Kevin Coppins

It's going to happen.  Your executive briefing center has been upgraded to the latest in LED technology, with the room lights automatically shifting to match the presenter/time of day/customer logo/the carpet - whatever might make the sale.  It's super cool, customers are impressed, partners are wowed and the electric bill is down. Then, on the day your biggest prospect has booked the room, rather than setting the mood, your LED's... [Read More]

Tech Execs Reveal Major IoT Insights

September 7 , 2015 By Katie McKenna

In an effort to gain a deeper understanding of the Internet of Things space from a leadership perspective, Tom Smith, Industry analyst at DZone, interviewed 22 technology executives, including EasyVista General Manager of NA, Kevin Coppins. It was discovered that the executives often had similar views on the current and future IoT landscape, despite coming from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Due to these uniformities, some significant conclusions manifested regarding how... [Read More]