ITSM Trends 2018

5 Top Technology Trends for ITSM to Address in 2018

March 1, 2018 By Justin Roux

Looking at the road ahead, there are at least five top technology trends to consider and address (from an ITSM perspective) in 2018, albeit trends that have straddled multiple years of interest and importance. 1. Security 2. Digital transformation 3. Artificial intelligence (AI) 4. The Internet of Things (IoT) or the Internet of Everything (IoE) 5. End-user/customer engagement and experience Although, these are as much about people change as they... [Read More]

IT Self Service Best Practices

5 Building Blocks for Successful IT Self-Service

February 20, 2018 By Justin Roux

According to HDI research, over 80% of organizations have now invested in some form of IT self-service technology but only 17% of organizations believe they have realized expected ROI. It’s difficult to pin-down the exact reasons for such a large gap between implementation and ROI but one thing is certain: Whether the purpose is to accelerate speed of resolution, reduce service desk costs, or improve customer satisfaction, organizations from all... [Read More]

Pink18 & EasyVista

Pink18 & EasyVista: Take the Ticket Reduction Challenge

February 15, 2018 By Katie McKenna

Are you as excited as we are for the upcoming Pink18 conference (Feb 18-21, 2018) in Orlando? It’s sure to be a content-rich event filled with tons of learning opportunities. Staying true to its “Adopt, Adapt & Apply” theme, Pink18 boasts over 120 sessions and 12 tracks on topics ranging across all areas of ITSM, ITIL®, Lean IT, Agile, Scrum, DevOps, COBIT®, and more. As a proud, long-time sponsor of... [Read More]

ITSM Tools Selection Criteria

8 Expert Tips for ITSM Tool Selection in 2018

January 19, 2018 By Justin Roux

It’s the start of a new year and a time when upcoming advances in IT technology seem endless. The fast pace of innovation makes it hard to imagine what the future holds as new technologies appear seemingly overnight. As rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence, conversational UX, and even, virtual reality emerge, it’s clear the workplace of tomorrow will look much different than it does today. The challenge at hand for... [Read More]

The Associated Press Increases IT Service Availability

The Associated Press Increases IT Service Availability by 64% with EasyVista

January 8, 2018 By Katie McKenna

The Associated Press needs no introduction. For over 170 years, it has covered breaking news and provided in-depth investigative reports in pursuit of its mission to inform the world. The independent news cooperative has earned 52 Pulitzer Prizes and has become a household name in the process. The AP does whatever it takes to get news out to its member news organizations and customers—from its history of delivering the latest... [Read More]

Gartner Report: Redesign Your ITSM Tool RFP Process

How to Choose the Right ITSM Tool with a Revised RFP Process

December 14, 2017 By Katie McKenna

In a market of over 450 products, finding the right ITSM tool for one’s business can feel like the proverbial needle in a haystack scenario. Unfortunately, the numbers validate this common challenge and the resulting impact. Gartner estimates that by 2020, 90% will fail to obtain the intended ROI from their ITSM tool investment when they choose a solution without factoring in their organizational and process maturity. It’s often difficult... [Read More]

4 Ways CMDB Data Inaccuracies Impact ITSM Success

4 Ways CMDB Data Inaccuracies Impact ITSM Success

November 29, 2017 By Benoit Tessier

We’ve all heard the saying before: “Garbage in, garbage out.” Poor quality input will always result in poor quality output. This adage is certainly true when it comes to the cleanliness of your CMDB. It’s nearly impossible for an IT organization to make informed decisions, deliver services efficiently, and provide a superior user experience without high quality data flowing through its systems. It’s no surprise then that IT data accuracy... [Read More]

IT Self-Help Ingredients

3 Key “Ingredients” for IT Self-Help Adoption: A Recipe for Success (just in time for the holidays!)

November 17, 2017 By Justin Roux

The key to accelerating success, and ultimately ROI, with IT self-help is really no secret – It’s user adoption. If more end users engage self-help, feel empowered and are successful at solving their own problems, then you should have less tickets coming into the service desk. Less tickets for your service desk staff means more efficiencies, lowering the cost of service delivery. And as a bonus, your service desk can... [Read More]

EMA White Paper: Next-Gen ITSM

EMA Shines a Light on Next-Gen ITSM [White Paper]

November 3, 2017 By Katie McKenna

Traditional ITSM centers on the service desk, but there’s no denying it has evolved into so much more. ITSM has become the natural answer to emerging problems such as how to overcome the growth of IT silos, promote and measure IT operations efficiencies, and consolidate critical insights for better IT-to-business planning. In fact, recent research from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) shows the growing focus on ITSM as a “hub of... [Read More]

EV Connect - Make ITSM Easy

A Vision to Make ITSM Easy: The 5 Takeaways from EV Connect 2017

October 26, 2017 By Benoit Tessier

Our EV Connect Global Tour is well underway, having already concluded in three cities across the globe. I was fortunate enough to attend both the EV Connect Orlando (Oct. 10-12) and Paris (Oct. 19) conferences, and I don’t think it’s too early to declare the global tour a resounding success! Attendance levels were the highest they’ve ever been, contributing to greater knowledge sharing and a stronger sense of community. A... [Read More]