IT Career Lessons from ITSM Expert

Insightful Career Lessons That Will Help Pave Your Way to Your IT Dream Job

February 15, 2017 By Sherry Macias

This “View From The Top” post features our own Kevin Coppins, General Manager of the Americas, who was recently published in the IT Leadership section of  If you’re interested in real career advice coupled with an entertaining read, check out the article From “Reluctant Accountant” To IT Dream Job: 5 Career Lessons. As you may gather from the title, Kevin didn’t follow a straight line from college grad to... [Read More]

EasyVista CFO Talks ITSM, Digital Workplace & Goals

EasyVista’s New CFO Shares Thoughts on ITSM, The Digital Workplace, and Upcoming Goals

September 26, 2016 By Katie McKenna

In case you haven’t heard, Vincent Migayrou has been appointed as EasyVista’s Chief Financial Officer. Vincent joins us as a seasoned, 30+ year finance and operations pro with a focus on IT and fast growth businesses. His extensive experience in high growth companies comes at a particularly fortuitous time as EasyVista continues to celebrate its recent $8.4M Investment and record growth in H1 of this year. Vincent was kind enough to... [Read More]

Synergy ITSM's Kent Shiver shares best practices for service management solution replacements

Replacing Your ITSM Tool? Synergy’s Kent Shiver Shares Essential Tips & Trends

August 24, 2016 By Chris Dunn

EasyVista recently launched a custom replacement program for BMC Service Desk Express customers looking for a more viable ITSM solution. And that got us thinking about the trends influencing service management tool replacements, as well as the best practices organizations should use when making the switch. Kent Shiver, Director of IT Service Delivery at Synergy ITSM, is uniquely qualified to answer these questions. As a former BMC Software Premier Level... [Read More]

Deb Moses Talks Service Management Offices (SMOs) and CSI

VerisVisalign CEO Deborah Moses: Every Organization Needs a Service Management Office

June 7, 2016 By Katie McKenna

This blog marks the kickoff of our brand new “View from the Top” series. This series will examine critical trends, challenges, and opportunities as seen through the eyes of leaders and experts in service management. Our inaugural post features an interview with Deborah Moses, Founder and CEO of VerisVisalign. In addition to being a knowledgeable and respected IT veteran, Moses is also an accomplished professional speaker and author of "Change... [Read More]