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EasyVista Recognized in the Gartner

“EasyVista Recognized in the Gartner Critical Capabilities Assessment for IT Service Support Management Tools, 2014 EasyVista Inc. (, a global leader in IT Service and Asset Management solutions, is pleased by its overall performance within the Gartner Critical Capabilities assessment for IT Service Support Management (ITSSM). The Company believes the assessment functionally substantiates many of [...]”

The Internet of Things, Big Data and ITSM

“I have noticed recently during my travels with EasyVista, that Hotel staff have begun to offer two or three WIFI codes on check-in, in recognition of the fact that we are all carrying multiple devices. Like sheep and rats, devices connected to the Internet outnumber humans. The number of objects connected to the Internet actually [...]”

Three signs that your ‘IT Service Desk’ has joined the ‘Age of the Customer’

“According to Forrester CEO, George Colony, we are now in the age of the customer, a business cycle in which the most successful companies will reinvent themselves to systematically understand, and serve, increasingly powerful end-users and customers. The age of the customer, he predicts, will change everything at the intersection of business and technology. And, [...]”

IT Maturity: Chasing rainbows?

“It is surprising just how many organisations do NOT monitor their IT maturity. Where are we? Is it going up, or down? In fact an even more basic question is: Exactly what is IT Maturity and is it an integer, percentage, score or grade? It’s difficult to put a finger on what IT Maturity looks [...]”

NEW Questions to ask when buying enterprise ITSM/ITAM software

“Buying an enterprise ITSM or ITAM software solution has never been easy. It’s a complex domain. Requirements are broad and deep – and the vendors are many. The right decision can boost your ITSM/ITAM program, but buying the wrong ITSM or ITAM software solution can set you back a year or more from where you [...]”

Meet SUI – Your New Service User Interface

“I jumped on a United flight the other day and just prior to the emergency briefing and take-off they played a message from the CEO, Jeff Smisek. I was expecting the usual aviation blurb about fleet, expanding routes etc. but actually what struck me was the %age of airtime (no pun intended) given to their [...]”

Rise of the machines is imminent

“The proverbial rise of the machines is on its way, and enterprises need to be prepared to meet the needs of their workforce. While businesses shouldn’t expect Skynet or Terminator T-800′s anytime soon, the expanding introduction of wearable devices is the next wave that will change the way they approach technology in the near future. [...]”

3 factors in optimizing your BYOD strategy

“Mobility trends are having a huge impact on enterprises today, and leveraging their advantages by integrating mobile devices with day to day processes is best accomplished with a BYOD strategy. However, not all businesses have optimized their mobility plan or the IT foundation, to support the inclusion of employee-owned devices in the workplace. In order [...]”

Infographic – EasyVista 2014 ITSM Trends Survey

“A survey of non-EasyVista customers recently polled a broad range of IT professionals on ITSM. Their responses provided interesting insights into their priorities, challenges, and how they rate their service level, value and performance. You can download your own copy of this informative report here.”