Codeless Environment

The Codeless Imperative

99% of ITSM Vendors Deliver Only Hard-Coded Solutions

Today’s Enterprise organizations are looking to embrace the concept of Simplicity-as-a-Service and adopt codeless, fully-integrated and customer-driven enterprise ITSM software solutions. Companies want quick deployment and efficient ITSM service desk solutions that are highly configurable to their business needs.

With costs at a premium, today’s businesses are being held hostage by their legacy vendor and face many challenges when trying to customize traditional legacy solutions to meet their dynamic business process needs:

  • Writing code takes time and contains mistakes
  • Maintaining custom code is expensive
  • Upgrading, modifying or extending the application is a headache
  • Organization of code is a nightmare:  Code documentation is consistently poor
  • Developer resources are a scarce commodity
  • Code is for developers, but ITSM is for business

The Codeless Revolution

Codeless customization is more than simply a concept; it is an environment based on zero coding, where customers are not required to code or use proprietary language skills such as C#, C++ or JavaScript. This helps develop, automate, and streamline complex business processes, or make changes and adapt the ITSM solution to business requirements.

In today’s cost-conscious and competitive business world, organizations cannot afford to be hampered by ITSM software that requires an army of third-party consultants for changes, maintenance and upgrades. Instead, businesses are demanding solutions that offer:

  • Simple customization
  • Agility and accessibility
  • Customizations that are portable throughout upgrades
  • Applications that quickly meet the changing needs of their business
  • Application changes that can be made in minutes by non-technical users

With EasyVista codeless technology, application changes can be made in minutes. Customizations are GUI-driven so the technology can be rapidly deployed with ground-breaking simplicity. However, codeless is different from merely providing graphical workflows, which many ITSM vendors offer. More often than not, graphical workflows still involve coding behind the scenes.

Organizations are looking to replace legacy systems with ITSM solutions that allow process owners and non-technical business users to make changes to workflows and reports on the fly. In other words, it is not just IT staff that benefit, but process owners and business users too.