IT Financial Management

Use EasyVista’s family of products to build powerful solutions: Our IT Financial Management leverages all of our products to deliver a holistic financial service.

EasyVista ServiceManager for advanced workflow facilitates financial approval, ‘charge-back/show-back’ compliancy, ongoing support and maintenance, and contract/license management.
EasyVista ServiceApps for customer Dashboards and Service catalogs, so end-users can ‘purchase services or assets’ and see valuable financial data in custom dashboards.
EasyVista Click2Get technology allows your IT customer to get software they have requested or purchased on demand, thus controlling the entire financial lifecycle.

Many organizations believe the cost of IT occurs upon acquisition of the technology. This is only a part of the picture. The cost of delivering IT service begins with planning and ends with retirement or disposal. The long term maintenance, operation and disposal lifecycle stages, including management, contracts, support and warranty costs contribute heavily to the overall cost of IT. In fact, this is where the majority of costs are incurred.

EasyVista’s IT Financial Management is a solution that extends beyond traditional accounting and budgeting helping IT executives track, manage and control IT costs from everywhere. EasyVista empowers IT with comprehensive financial management, governance and business intelligence to understand and communicate the business value of delivering customer-driven IT services. Aligned to best practices, such as ITIL or COBIT, EasyVista Financial Management will provide whole-life financial awareness at your fingertips.

Cost optimization of IT, thereafter, becomes a core element for IT services and the quality counter-balance to ensure budgets are adhered to and IT delivers to the business.

Key Features of EasyVista IT Financial Management

  • Financial data on assets
  • Calculate depreciation and integrate with ERP systems
  • Manage contracts: maintenance, leasing, finance, telecoms, insurance, etc.
  • Manage contract renewals: renewal decisions, expiring alerts
  • Manage budget impact of contracts running over more than one financial year
  • Show-back & Charge-back
  • Plan and analyse future project costs