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Is there an explanation as to how these fields update? I find they aren't very useful in their stock implementation and often the only way I can determine who is currently working on a request is to go and look at the action which isn't very process friendly. 

I'm kinda looking to see if anyone has implemented something that updates these fields on SD_REQUEST whenever an action is created, updated etc so the current information is displayed on the ticket. We don't really utilize the "owner" functionality currently so whoever possesses the ticket is who owns it and is responsible. This is primarily for incidents which very rarely have parallel actions occurring (unlike service requests). 

So basically, my need/want is to look at tickets and see which person and/or group it is currently assigned to without needing to go to the actions.

Any help would be much appreciated.
justinh, proud to be a member of EV CONNECT FORUM since Oct 2015.

Hi Justin,

I've typically done 2 implementations of business rules around these fields:

1. Update each time the action changes ownership
2. Update at ticket closure

If you are modifying them with either of these then they become very helpful for reporting and / or additional filters & views.
Andrew E. Reynolds
Technical Enablement Manager, Americas

Hi Justin,
We implemented custom views/filters to do this, that displays the AM_ACTION_GROUP.GROUP_$lng and AM_ACTION_EMPLOYEE.LAST_NAME fields in the List view.
We found we had to then filter on the most recent Action else it showed them all.
It seems to work now that it is setup, and allows at a glance views of who is dealing with each Incident or Request.
Wayne Smith, Charles Darwin University, Australia
proud to be a member of EV CONNECT FORUM since Jun 2016.


In my mind (and for new customer) it's a basic trap to use incident (or request) to see what to do or status or who is working on.
To use Easyvista, you must get used to utilize ACTION and not INCIDENT. All ticket's information can be add to ACTION the opposite is not true.

Imagine that incident is a shell or folder that contains the actions completed or to be. If i work two or four time in a incident, i want to see that and not "only the group/man that solved incident". All little work (call, diagnostic, remote control, resolution and resolution check call) are important!

ABBE Philippe, proud to be a member of EV CONNECT FORUM since Nov 2015.

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