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Using EV Calendar to schedule Media Events
Does anyone have a written process for using the calendar in EasyVista to schedule campus event (including set up and take down)?

We just moved to EV. Our Media team is struggling to use the EV calendar to schedule events and tasks. We were wondering if anyone else is using the calendar that way and could shed some light on the process they are following.

Thank you in advance for any assistance provided!
sfournell, proud to be a member of EV CONNECT FORUM since Jul 2017.

Hi Susan,

I don't know of anyone doing this directly. The closest thing is the integration we do with a tool called Calendly. It allows us to schedule appointment with clients but can also manage event registration. It can integrate with EasyVista through service apps quite nicely and it can also exchange information with Service Manager user REST API. I have never done it personally but it is on my to do list.
Benoit Tessier, Director of Product Marketing


Nice, i will try soon to create an Apps to register training and exchange appointment with REST API.
ABBE Philippe, proud to be a member of EV CONNECT FORUM since Nov 2015.

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