IT Governance

Reduce costs and risks of IT governance and ensure compliance

Good IT governance is about showing that the business controls its technology, not the other way around. Unless sufficient operational performance metrics are placed within the IT service delivery lifecycle, organizations will struggle with Continual Service Improvement (CSI) which manages the improvement of ITSM processes and IT services. Without real-time information, it is impossible to demand lower costs, richer services, better quality and high-level compliance.

Manage, track, and automate the processes and activities required to meet multiple compliance objectives, coordinated across IT functions. Designed exclusively for IT, this solution offers the following capabilities:

  • Design, define, document, and catalog IT processes and the associated governance objectives
  • Connect critical processes with IT services to assess compliance impact
  • Manage multi-national requirements and streamline reporting
  • Monitors and evaluates assessment activities to provide timely visibility into compliance status

We also provide additional critical benefits with EasyVista Analytics to help you monitor, risk assessment and management, performance diagnostics, vulnerability analysis and other reporting and performance services.

Green IT

With EasyVista, you can set up truly green, responsible IT processes

  • Manage the recycling of assets once they are scrapped in accordance with the European
  • WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive
  • Ensure all assets are recycled correctly
  • Automatic alarms to identify assets that have not been recycled
  • Simulate how change affects electricity consumption
  • Integrate electricity consumption costs when calculating returns on investment