IT Project Management

EasyVista integrates a complete, unified, portfolio view of IT projects and services for project cost visibility. With the ability to track and manage real-time all IT projects and ITIL processes within an intuitive, easily customizable application, organizations drive real time benefits of improved collaboration while reducing project management costs and risks. 

EasyVista leverages its Codeless environment, integrating complete project management functionality, ITIL processes, and real-time reporting and analytics to enable faster deployment, higher user adoption and rapid return on investment.


  • Better control on large IT projects like equipment or software deployment
  • Accurate planning and budgeting
  • Fast user adoption, users benefit from familiar solution and interface
  • Fast deployment: leverage shared data (references, users, groups, assets, …) for faster initial deployments with accurate relevant data


  • Project identification and description: deadline, budget, resources, …
  • Project planning and resource allocation: gantt chart
  • Project portfolio: graphical control of budget, deadline, workload and progress
  • Out of the box alerts on missed deadline or potential misses