Service Management in the Cloud & for the Cloud

Manage Today’s and Tomorrow’s Cloud Services

EasyVista manages traditional and cloud services in the same way across a modern SaaS-based platform. Our product allows your public and private cloud services to be integrated into any business service and managed within a single service catalog, wrapped within your organization’s policies and procedures.

  • Consolidate authorized cloud services and cloud providers from anywhere in the enterprise simplifying the management of your cloud-based environments and offering one place for your users to go to request cloud-based services.
  • Build custom, mobile-ready portals and apps for users to access support and request services related to cloud services from any device in any location.
  • Offer the latest cloud services through easy-to-use self-service portals, eliminating the need for business units to purchase public cloud services outside of IT’s control.



EasyVista is a 100% web-based solution with out-of-the-box functionality that has been designed from the ground up as a SaaS (software-as-a-service offering). This meant that it was available at a moment’s notice anytime, anywhere.
Sheree Fields, Chief Information Officer Expro Group USA
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