Integrating Service Management with Existing Tools

Integrating Service Management with Existing Tools

Increase ROI and Preserve Investment

IT solutions do not operate in a vacuum, and your service management solution is no different. EasyVista focuses on extending the value you can receive from your existing IT operations, finance, and HR systems by connecting to them and providing integration of data and functionality across platforms. Further, EasyVista’s built-in app and portal builder, allows you to create powerful, mobile-responsive apps with data from your existing legacy applications.

  • Automatically populate the CMDB using existing discovery tools as well as logging events and/or incidents using existing monitoring solutions.
  • Integrate with CRM and ERP solutions to deliver the right data to the right user, in the right format.
  • Tie into existing LDAP/AD systems for password resets, validating logins or security systems for SSO.


Wireless Analytics

A big advantage with EasyVista has been our ability to leverage web service integrations, allowing all tickets to be created in our system so our agents no longer have to swivel chair. Gone are the days of needing to monitor multiple screens and multiple platforms.
Jonathan Steele, Senior Manager of Technology, Wireless Analytics
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