Role-Based IT Service Management

Role-Based IT Service Management

Create Services Based Upon Roles, not Rules

Deliver a powerful user experience based upon a roles and the unique requirements of your business, agency, or customers. Limit what actions users can take and ensure automatic assignment of tasks and approvals, by using custom-defined roles. Further, accelerate the creation of role specific services with codeless configuration.

  • Automatically assign actions to individuals based upon their roles, ensuring the right person gets the right action – fixing issues before business is disrupted.
  • Create custom roles in just a few clicks to support a variety of new services and their workflows, regardless of which business unit is involved.
  • Ensure approvals are automatically routed to the right person regardless of who placed the service request with automatic routing based upon roles and users.


Gonzaga University

The self-service portal and interactive workflows are the big pieces that we thankfully added on to our incident and request management processes. In fact, it’s working well enough right now that we’re including some non-IT groups from around campus just because the workflow engine is doing such a good job.
Roger Cummings, Project Manager Gonzaga University
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