Asset Management

IT Asset Management (ITAM) Software



Comprehensive management of IT hardware

  • Support of multiple data sources, including EasyVista Discovery which automatically discovers asset data
  • Fully integrated technical and financial data, such as location, service contract status, ownership (owned, leased, rented) and logistical information (available inventory, in use status, etc.)
  • A single system of rules-based wizards guide asset managers or users in the different stages of the asset lifecycle: delivery, installation, relocation, inventory, repair, disposal
  • Customizable through codeless configuration, allowing full asset traceability to assist in both financial and regulatory compliance
  • Assignment of assets to individuals, sites, entities, and cost centers—all based upon enterprise policies and procedures
  • Single or multi-site management of asset inventory, including hardware, consumables, service providers, and more
  • Native integration with all ITIL processes


ITAM software compliance management

  • Identify license gaps through reconciliation of all purchased (and non-purchased) installed software
  • Software version management through analysis of the versions of software installed and in use, providing you valuable insight during software upgrades, licenses agreements and license use rights
  • Multi-level tracking software: installed, authorized, used, minimum versions
  • Preparation and monitoring during software migrations
  • Flexible and comprehensive software detection rules allowing you to quickly adapt to new or existing contractual licensing rules


Taking account of economic aspects

  • Fully integrated Asset, License and Financial data, based upon the IT Service Catalog
  • Automatic depreciation calculation, either through integration with the EasyVista ITFM suite or your accounting system
  • Full Contract Management: maintenance, leasing, finance, telecom, insurance, etc…
  • Calendar and schedule of contract renewals for both hardware and software, with automated alerts
  • Management of the budget impact, based upon current contracts running over several years



  • Ready to use modules, helping you get up and running quickly and manage the ITAM lifecycle of your software, hardware, licenses and contracts
  • Sophisticated alerts for the renewal of contracts and budget preparation
  • Executive-style business dashboards, delivering asset management reports that allow you to view summary or detailed asset management information