EasyVista Discovery

EasyVista Discovery

Automatic inventory according to EasyVista Discovery

EasyVista integrates automated discovery inventory with EasyVista Asset Management module and license management repositories.

  • No manual entry required: inventory of hardware and software
  • No agents required: create an inventory without installed agents on workstations or requiring a dedicated infrastructure
  • Automated centralization of the results of inventory to a single server by standard and secure protocols (FTP, SFTP, SMTP)
  • Encryption and data compression minimizing network load and strengthening security
  • Automatic archiving of the changes detected between two inventories
  • Recognition of thousands of software applications, offering the opportunity to add in-house software, continuously enriched by software developers and automatically made available to clients
  • Dashboards to help identify applications or systems which require upgrades or out of policy with regards to security and anti-virus applications
  • Automatic integration with CMDB



  • Executive-style dashboards
  • Agentless deployment for both workstations and servers
  • A catalog of 200,000 rules of transcoding (hardware and software)
  • A library of turnkey reports