EasyVista ITFM helps manage the ordering, implementation, and delivery of assets, licenses and full IT services, while keeping track of the financial commitments and obligations of the IT organization.

Order management

Following the validation of the service request, the person responsible for the processing of applications has two options to process the request:

  • Taking stock

Visibility of material in stock, as well as of equivalent stock, allows for quick visualization of available materials and taking of stock to the application. (see management of applications)

  • Creating an order

A command is created from an expression of need posted or manually. All requests for a single provider can be grouped in a single order. Enter command updates the budgetary commitments and refreshes the expected date of delivery on the licensing application. EasyVista allows you to be alerted by email, SMS, or in the EasyVista interface about orders, including if the scheduled delivery date is exceeded. Orders can be imported to an ERP. In this case, it will define a procedure for automatic import of orders by the use of a EasyVista connector.

Delivery management

A reception is linked to an order number. It is defined by a number, a date of physical delivery, a receiving site, the delivery number of the supplier and the signatory of the delivery (as well as other optional elements: carrier, number of packages, volume…).

If the delivery is partial, a scheduled delivery date may be indicated on the missing elements. They are definitely out, command lines can be modified or cancelled for these items.

Each approved equipment will be considered as “delivered” depending on the applications that have been made.


During a partial or total delivery, approved equipment is automatically referenced in inventory, in office storage defined when entering the stock. The command will be resulted if all items are shipped and may take status “to pay”.