SaaS Cloud Environment

World-Class SaaS

More companies are turning to SaaS to align their IT processes and to deliver world-class Service Management.

They want a solution that’s available anytime and anywhere via any browser and any device, without limits to scalability. SaaS offers lower initial costs, painless upgrades and seamless integration to meet specific business needs. It allows companies to scale as fast and as much as needed without replacing costly infrastructure or adding IT staff.

Best of SaaS logoThere’s no need for IT to rely on old technology that can’t manage technological gaps or beg the CFO to sacrifice capital budget. comes at a sensible price that is paid monthly out of OPEX, not CAPEX. is a perfect fit for enterprise organizations that are looking to replace legacy systems. enables companies to reduce IT capital expenditure and gain flexibility and speed in implementations. The award-winning solution provides 24×7 monitoring and support, includes all major and minor releases, back-ups, permanent VPN. EasyVista Analytics and full reversibility, among many others.


Delivering A Highly Secure and Reliable SaaS Platform

We understand that our customers expect the platform to be highly secure and provide data confidentiality. We have six data centers worldwide to support our customers’ global needs. The platform is hosted in the US by iland (, in Canada by RackForce ( and in Europe by Equinix (

SaaS 70 logo
The Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) No. 70, Service Organizations, is a widely recognized auditing standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). SAS 70 is widely recognized, because it represents that a service organization has been through an in-depth audit of their control objectives and control activities, which often include controls over information technology and related processes. SAS 70 ensures that has better than 99.9 percent availability, is 100 percent virtualized and scalable, has data and intellectual property protection, high reliability and high-speed time-to-data.



Physical Security of the EasyVista SaaS Platform

  • Strictly controlled access to premises, video surveillance
  • Reinforced protection from natural disasters (fire, earthquake, etc.)
  • Redundant air conditioning system & uninterruptible power supply
  • More info and detail available on the website including 24×7 on-site security staffing and site access, mantraps, biometric authentication and badge access control.

Secure Communications

  • Secure links, SSL encryption & redundant firewalls
  • Intruder testing by specialist service providers
  • Continuous operational tracking and regular independent audits

Data Security

  • Complete test environment (sandbox) and production database
  • Fully redundant platform
  • Regular, daily backup plus incremental backup (hourly option), distributed storage on several sites
  • Back-up plan: mirror site, escalation process with continuous staff training, recovery time objective (RTO) = 4 hours maximum
  • Reversibility: EasyVista Inc. recovers all data contained in to its owner either on request or if the service subscription contract should come to an end

Full Data Confidentiality

  • All data and customized parameters in are strictly confidential. EasyVista Inc. is contractually obliged not to disclose this information to third parties
  • Optimal internal security module controls access
  • Only specifically authorized EasyVista Inc. personnel have physical access to the data for maintenance purposes
  • All access to is recorded
  • Each customers’ data is stored in a physically separate database

Physical Availability

  • Power supply guaranteed 24×7 over 99.9 percent of the time
  • High availability servers, 4 CPUs or more, RAID technology
  • Redundant architecture: power supply, processors, disks
  • Three complete environments including sandbox, test and production database
  • Fully virtualized architecture based on VMware

Network Availability

  • High-speed access guaranteed 24/7 over 99.9 percent of the time
  • ‘Burst’ function: automatic increase of pass bandwidth for peak activity
  • Secure backbone connection, routers available to 99.9 percent

Application Availability

  • Regular testing of application every 30 seconds at critical points: database, Web services, IP addresses, etc.
  • Monitoring: import/export, user connections, performance
  • Escalation processes agreed

Analytics and Reporting

  • Ensures organizations run more efficient ITSM operations
  • Provides insight into the quality of service provided to the business
  • Predict potential issues that may impact the business
  • Monitor performance over time with detailed reporting capabilities