Why EasyVista?


productEasyVista is the only solution purpose-built as a mobile-first experience. This doesn’t just mean it works on any device. It means the experience is purposeful, modern, and enabling of self-service wherever possible. Not every enterprise is ready to take its service delivery mobile today, but every enterprise understands the mobile imperative. With EasyVista, mobile capabilities are built into the product from the beginning. So customers can easily deploy services now on the devices that make the most sense for their environment today, while being prepared for the future. Being purpose-built as a mobile-first experience means four things:

  • Device-agnostic: The solution leverages responsive design so the experience is seamless across devices and operating systems.
  • Purpose-driven: The experience is purposeful. Users can quickly and intuitively pace through to get their needs met, with the right information presented at the right time for rapid task completion.
  • Modern experience: The app demonstrates an appreciation of the way people think and act today, and rejects old approaches that alienate users.
  • Service-oriented: The experience assumes the user prefers to help him or herself where possible, but also makes it simple to reach a human at any time.


Unlike other service management solutions, EasyVista requires no coding to automate and personalize service delivery for employees and other end users. That means new services are created in weeks, not months. New users can be added in minutes. What’s more, IT training and expertise aren’t required to deploy new services and users, so leaders across the enterprise can provide service management for their teams.

With EasyVista, companies:

  • Radically improve the service experience
  • Dramatically simplify and accelerate service creation and management
  • Reduce and control the total cost of service delivery