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Arnie McKinnis | June 16, 2016

10 Must Ask Questions When Buying (or re-signing) a Service Management Solution

As an IT professional, you have one of the toughest jobs within the company–managing technology that enables an entire organization and supporting revenue growth while containing expenses. IT has also evolved from managing pure infrastructure, to delivering and integrating services. Those services are increasingly mobile and being delivered to savvy technical users who are more than willing to create their own solutions if IT is unwilling or unable provide them.

At EasyVista, we have seen our customers through this evolution–from managing technology to managing services. We believe the path to success for IT is through an organically-developed service management solution that supports the delivery of quality, integrated, cross-platform services easily to any mobile user on any devise. But what are the critical questions to ask when evaluating vendors to ensure this is what you get?

To help you, we’ve created ten questions to evaluate service management solutions in the mobile era. By getting answers to these questions, you will be able to identify which service management provider and solution is the best fit for your organization to ensure success now and in the future. These questions will help you identify the service management solutions capable of managing an increasingly mobile, social, cloud-enabled, and analytics-driven workforce.

Tune in throughout this summer series to understand these ten most important issues when selecting a service management provider, such as:

1. How will it enable my end users, and will they use it?
2. Can service be accessed from different types of devices?
3. What resources are required to implement and manage the solution?
4. What does it take to design a new mobile service?
5. Besides IT, what other services can it manage?
6. How well can it meet the needs of a globally dispersed organization?
7. Can it integrate with other software and cloud solutions?
8. Can it help control AND reduce service delivery costs?
9. How do you ensure my success?
10. Are you focused on service management and partnering for success?

Look out for our post next Thursday, June 23rd to find out why a user-centric solution is so vital.

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Arnie McKinnis

Arnie McKinnis is an industry insider with 30+ years experience in the high tech space. For the past decade, Arnie has helped develop and launch “as a Service" cloud, Service Management, and Service Integration technology products, delivering true value in the marketplace.