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Erika Troconis-Rodell | June 06, 2019

3 Ways to Transform your Knowledge Base into Knowledge Experiences (Infographic)

Knowledge management is more critical than ever. With many organizations on the brink of implementing some form of self-service technology, it will require more than a traditional knowledge base, but rather proactive and engaging knowledge experiences that encourage users to help themselves.

This infographic shows three ways to successfully bring together knowledge management and self-service technologies, such as virtual agents, to raise the level of self-help support in your organization.

HDI Webinar: Integrating Knowledge Management and Virtual Agents for Self-Service Success

Taking Self-Service to the Next Level

If you are interested in learning more about how to set your goals for the acquisition and use of emerging technologies, then check out our webinar replay, Integrating Knowledge Management and Virtual Agents for Self-Service Success, featuring industry experts from HDI and EasyVista.

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Erika Troconis-Rodell

Erika Troconis-Rodell is the Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at EasyVista. She leads the content and blog strategy for the company, and manages global digital marketing initiatives. She loves all things technology and enjoys reading about ITSM, IoT, and SaaS. Fun fact, she also speaks Spanish, French, and Mandarin.