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Benoit Tessier | October 26, 2017

A Vision to Make ITSM Easy: The 5 Takeaways from EV Connect 2017

Our EV Connect Global Tour is well underway, having already concluded in three cities across the globe. I was fortunate enough to attend both the EV Connect Orlando (Oct. 10-12) and Paris (Oct. 19) conferences, and I don’t think it’s too early to declare the global tour a resounding success! Attendance levels were the highest they’ve ever been, contributing to greater knowledge sharing and a stronger sense of community.

A big part of EV Connect is discussing where ITSM is headed and how EasyVista customers can usher-in this next-generation of IT service management. Attendees had a chance to hear from EasyVista CEO, Sylvain Gauthier, and COO, Jamal Labed, who gave updates on the company and its vision for the future. With more than 1,200 customers and 6 million users, EasyVista is picking up speed worldwide and is helping organizations achieve digital transformation in more than 50 countries. At EV Connect, we shared our vision and product roadmap of how we are helping our customers power a new way of work that frees people from the complexities of technology and process, igniting innovation across the enterprise to support digital transformation. To do that we will provide intelligent, intuitive user experiences that connect people to our proven ITSM platform to make service delivery easy and ubiquitous for everyone across the enterprise.

1. Introducing EV Self Help

One of the major highlights was the unveiling of our new product EV Self Help, based on the acquisition of Knowesia. Thibault de Clisson, CEO of Knowesia, introduced everyone to the power of intelligent knowledge flows and how self-help can drive significant ROI. EV Self Help will allow organizations to capture knowledge and deliver it to users in a way where it guides them to solve problems on their own, reducing tier-1 requests by up to 30% and improving the customer experience.

2. Reporting Accelerators for Improved Analytics

EV Connect attendees got a glimpse into our report accelerators initiative. We know how vital quality reporting is to transparency and decision-making across the organization, so in recent months EasyVista worked with a group of customers who defined the reporting needs of ITSM. The initiative delivers numerous out-of-the-box reports that address operational, analytical, and strategic reporting needs to help make customers successful.

3. New Innovations in EV Service Manager Focuses on Superior User Experiences

The biggest announcement at EV Connect was, no doubt, the reveal of our product roadmap, which was packed with new features and improvements for both EV Service Manager and our Service Apps technology. New purposeful apps—including a Change Manager app and Roaming IT app—were announced, which allow users to improve engagement and usability of ITSM software, leading to greater productivity and efficiency. These innovative apps are the first back-office apps designed to be responsive for all devices. The new version of EV Service Manager proposes a completely new design for the back-office that merges the current functionality with a brand new modern and innovative user experience.

4. EV Foundations ­– Setting Up Our Customers for Success

At EV Connect, EasyVista announced a new product offering, EV Foundations, that provides a collaborative platform that includes ITIL training tools, a process designer, a documentation generator, and benchmarking tools to accelerate customer implementations. With this tool, customers can:

  • Get their IT staff up-to-speed quickly with free on-demand and instructor-led virtual training on ITIL foundations, ITSM awareness, and process design
  • Easily create visual maps of processes based on pre-loaded templates
  • Automatically generate and share process guides, RACI charts, technical design documents, and more to support governance, compliance, and operations
  • Benchmark process maturity and capability through a built-in survey tool

5. EV Tech Lab: One-on-One Expert Advice from the Best

With all the exciting new things that were announced at EV Connect, the EV Tech Lab was by far our customers’ favorite! The EV Tech Lab gave customers the opportunity to set up one-on-one appointments with our greatest EasyVista experts to ask questions, see demos of features, and receive expert advice on best practices. Customers took advantage of this new addition to EV Connect and took home with them invaluable information of their specific implementation and business. If you missed this year’s EV Connect, you can get connected with experts today on our EV Connect Community:

I’m confident this is just the tip of the iceberg for EV Connect and the global tour is not even over! We wrap-up EV Connect Barcelona today and move on to our next stops: Lisbon, Porto, and Milan.

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Benoit Tessier

Benoit Tessier, EasyVista Director of Product Marketing, is an IT veteran with 20+ years of professional IT Service Management experience. He has extensive knowledge on process implementation and technical integrations, and has presented at ITSM conferences around the world. In this role, he helps lead the marketing direction and strategic vision for EasyVista’s services and solutions.