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Katie McKenna | October 21, 2015

Case Study: Wireless Analytics Transforms their IT by Replacing Legacy ITSM

Check out this case study about Wireless Analytics and their journey in growing beyond their existing ITSM solution and discovering a new service management solution—one that meets all the modern demands of their business. Many of our customers are battling this challenge today. The IT landscape has changed with the multitude of cloud services to manage and the users who want access to what they need directly from mobile devices. Wireless Analytics faced this same problem. Read on to learn about the extensive evaluation and selection process that met their IT, business and user demands.

Wireless Analytics is a leading Managed Mobility Service (MMS) provider with over 10 years of excellence in the space. Customers rely on Wireless Analytics to manage their corporate mobile devices while adhering to unique, and often complex, service level requirements. By 2013, a growing number of clients, with ranges of 300 to 25,000 mobile devices each, put stress on their internally developed ITSM system. Essentially Wireless Analytics was performing so well that their ITSM tool could not keep up! Not a bad problem to have but a problem nonetheless. It became clear that an upgrade to a more powerful and scalable service management solution was essential to meeting customer demands.

Choosing an ITSM solution is no easy task. Wireless Analytics knows this first hand as they thoroughly evaluated a staggering 70+ ITSM tools! Along the way, the organization was able to more clearly define their requirements. Wireless Analytics knew that they needed an agile solution with the right feature set in order to meet rapidly evolving customer needs into the future.

Here’s where EasyVista came in. Our mix of features, scalability, and configuration proved the best solution to help Wireless Analytics in their continued growth. EasyVista’s emphasis on IT consumerization ensured the company would have the tools needed to evolve into the next era of service management, beyond traditional ITSM or Help Desk practices.

“It is the Uberification of IT when employees can get whatever they want from any mobile app, instantly,” stated Jonathan Steele, Wireless Analytics’ Senior Manager of Technology. “They don't want to deal with company rules or policies or infrastructure, but when they do need something they expect it immediately, in the speed that they get things in their personal life and they do not want to lose a moment of productivity.”

Through the implementation of EasyVista, Wireless Analytics was able to bolster efficiency, better support their expanding customer base, and reap substantial benefits, including:

  • Automated all day-to-day customer support and lifecycle asset management through EasyVista Service Manager.
  • Integrated SLA and KPI to provide customers with advanced reporting and visibility into support health.
  • Decreased time to train from 2-3 months to 2-3 weeks and significantly shortened mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR).
  • Improved average Time to Solve by 23%.
  • Reduced VIP ticket processing time by over 50%.
  • Room to grow change management and project management efficiencies for both customers and in-house initiatives.

Like any good story, there are some important lessons to be learned here:

  • Make sure your ITSM solution can meet your current needs as well as scale with your future business and technology needs
  • When replacing legacy ITSM, develop a clear outline of requirements that takes into account business goals, technology goals and user demands of your organization.
  • Do your due-diligence in tech evaluation to ensure your requirements will be met
  • Anticipate when it is time to replace – Don’t limit the value you provide to the business and your users with an inefficient ITSM solution!

For more details, check out our Wireless Analytics case study and press release.

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Katie McKenna

Katie McKenna enjoys learning and sharing all things ITSM, IoT, SaaS, and IT Consumerization. She is also an avid reader, pizza enthusiast, and horror movie lover.