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Arnie McKinnis | July 27, 2016

Delivering Rapid Business Value with Easy Codeless Service Design

Welcome back to the series – 10 Must Ask Questions When Buying (or re-signing) a Service Management Solution. If you missed previous posts, catch up with the links below.

Question #4: What does it take to design a new service?

There’s no doubt—IT is in the service business. In fact, over the past few years, planning, designing, developing, delivering, and managing services is the hallmark of industry leading IT organizations. You are the primary technology service provider for your company.

Delivering quality technology services and supporting business goals is the number one goal of any IT organization. But today, technology is sourced in a variety of ways—from internally owned and delivered applications and hardware, to fully delivered applications purchased as services.

IT has changed from integrating technology in a seamless delivery model, to integrating services into a hybrid delivery model. Regardless of the source, the IT organization is still responsible for managing the technology infrastructure, such as network connections, security, applications, storage, and services. To move the company forward, IT is constantly asked to create new technology services or enhance existing ones.

Moving beyond traditional service management solutions

Traditional service management platforms have done an excellent job of managing complex infrastructures. But they are not natively built to deliver services from the cloud, especially to the enterprise mobile users. They lack in their ability to design, manage, and enhance integrated services. Most CIOs today are finding that they’ve come to an inflection point where they need more. IT leaders are seeking a more modern service management solution built purposefully for this new era. Their goal is to simplify services—so they are easy to deliver and easy to use.

Another driver for CIOs in today’s IT landscape is the need to ensure their service management solution extends beyond IT, providing value to non-IT functions within your company. Why shouldn’t Marketing or HR have the ability to create, edit, or enhance an existing service—without requiring IT intervention or assistance? Modern service management can easily allow multiple organizations the flexibility to create services, with IT providing guidance and maintaining control. This empowers teams across the business while ensuring overall consistency and governance over the technology used by the company.

To do this, capabilities such as ready-to-use Service Templates, intuitive Service Workflow tools, and an accessible Service Catalog need to be inherent within the solution. Additionally, the business service created must be device-agnostic and share a common “experience” as other services within the company. Your service management solution should ease the service creation and integration complexity, not add to it.

Comprehensive, flexible workflow design

EasyVista makes configuration and workflow modeling fast and easy. While most service management solutions allow administrators to drag and drop boxes in the workflow engine to create new services, most of them require writing code. Only EasyVista makes this possible without writing a line of code. The product includes more than 400 pre-configured wizards, representing all the process building blocks needed without any programming required—so services are created in days not weeks.

Not only does this make service creation faster and less expensive, it empowers the line of business owners to build their own services, while allowing IT to provide assistance, training, and integration. Workflow detail can be created and edited with a few clicks of the mouse. The complexity of designing services is eliminated, without sacrificing important functionality.

EasyVista has spent more than 20 years perfecting workflows and user interfaces to reduce as much complexity as possible. By doing this hard work up front—and improving and refining over many years—EasyVista is able to deliver complicated processes, faster and easier than any other ITSM solution on the market today.

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Arnie McKinnis

Arnie McKinnis is an industry insider with 30+ years experience in the high tech space. For the past decade, Arnie has helped develop and launch “as a Service" cloud, Service Management, and Service Integration technology products, delivering true value in the marketplace.