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Katie McKenna | July 01, 2016

Domtar Keeps Users and Service Desk Staff Happy with EasyVista

Despite managing a diverse set of applications due to frequent mergers and acquisitions, Domtar, a leading provider of fiber-based products, has kept users happy and reduced IT help desk turnover. Their secret? Domtar transformed ITSM processes with EasyVista and hasn’t looked back since.

IT World Canada recently sat down with Domtar’s Michel Meunier, VP of IT, and EasyVista’s Kevin Coppins, GM of North America, to dig deeper into this manufacturing company’s service management story. Meinier began by outlining Domtar’s major historical IT challenges including:

  • Rapid global growth with five business acquisitions within four years
  • Creation of a new product division
  • Frustrations with IT outsourcing
  • No clear upgrade path for their previous ITSM solution

By partnering with EasyVista in 2012, Domtar was able to quickly overcome these help desk hurdles—improving processes, reducing complexity, and better arming service desk staff to meet the needs of its users. In essence, EasyVista has acted as Domtar’s “ERP of IT,” leading to significantly more positive experiences on both sides of the IT help desk.

And the great thing about EasyVista is that our robust system is perfectly apt to evolve with Domtar as their users’ needs change. According to Coppins, “We feel the world is end-user driven and. we believe ITSM is the onramp to becoming the digital workplace.”

Check out the full article for more details on the benefits that Domtar has realized: Happy IT service desk staff keep Domtar’s diverse applications running

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Read more about Domtar’s service management journey and why they chose EasyVista’s mobile-first platform in this customer success story.

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Katie McKenna

Katie McKenna enjoys learning and sharing all things ITSM, IoT, SaaS, and IT Consumerization. She is also an avid reader, pizza enthusiast, and horror movie lover.