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Justin Roux | June 15, 2017

EasyVista to Acquire Knowesia: 4 Reasons Why It Was the Right Move

Today we announced that EasyVista is in the process of acquiring Knowesia, a self-help modeling and guided support software company.  We’re excited to make this announcement and to solidify our commitment to intelligent self-service for the enterprise. At EasyVista, we truly believe that Knowledge Management represents the foundation in which the future of ITSM will be built on. The goals of the enterprise are quickly shifting from “what can an ITSM tool do to help our technicians and engineers be more efficient” to “what can an ITSM tool do to make every employee within the organization more efficient,” ultimately leading to a lower total cost of IT.

4 reasons why Knowesia was the right fit for EasyVista and our customers:

  1. Vision Alignment – Knowesia is known for their unique approach to Knowledge Management. Knowledge creators and internal “experts” drag-and-drop steps onto a knowledge model, to create a decision tree. That decision tree then guides users toward finding the right solution – without the need for IT involvement! Using Knowesia’s innovative capabilities, you can create useful web applications that can be accessed on computers, phones and tablets, across the organization. These differentiating features make Knowesia an invaluable asset in EasyVista’s roadmap for delivering a more intelligent and user-friendly, self-help experience. This acquisition validates our mutual goals of driving a better self-help experience for employees while helping organizations reduce the costs of IT.
  1. Proven Success – Knowesia’s success comes from working with organizations to solve real problems around process automation and self-help. They have an excellent reputation and boast some of the largest brands in the US and Europe as customers. Knowesia has also been recognized by analysts and industry organizations. In fact, Gartner has recognized Knowesia as a “Cool BPM Vendor” in recent years and they have received a FINTECH Award for their work with finance organizations.
  1. Innovative Technology – Knowesia’s technology allows EasyVista to seamlessly integrate a new method for capturing and delivering knowledge into our powerful Service Apps technology. Our customers now have the potential to create robust self-service portals with guided knowledge to empower their user communities to help themselves. This will also allow the knowledge experts within the organization to more efficiently manage and deliver their knowledge throughout the organization, delivering “knowledge-as-a-service”. Further, this data can be used to power the use of more advanced features such as chatbots, driving more intelligent capabilities for self-help. This is EasyVista’s ultimate goal and we are putting together the technology to deliver on it.
  1. Market Feedback – In a recent report by EMA, respondents from diverse global IT organizations provided their feedback on the current trends and future initiatives of IT executives. Two of the top three strategic priorities identified in this report pointed to improving end-user experience and transforming end-user support with mobility/self-service/intelligent bots. The combined EasyVista and Knowesia solution will allow our customers to transform how they support the digital workplace with the most advanced self-service experience in the industry.

EasyVista is committed to leading the ITSM industry in the transition to the digital workplace and we believe that end-user experience is one of the cornerstones of this movement. We could not be more proud to make this announcement and look forward to more exciting announcements about our product development in the coming months. Stay tuned!

For more information please visit our Press Release.

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Justin Roux

Justin Roux has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry including roles in IT support, IT operations and technology sales and marketing. He has spent the last several years in the ITSM field developing expertise in Service and Asset Management, among other passion subjects such as Agile Methodology and Software Integrations. Outside of work, Roux spends all of his time with his family, improving his golf game and rooting for his favorite college and professional sports teams.