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Katie McKenna | March 16, 2016

Enterprises Welcome Mobile-first Service Management – EasyVista Soars

The mobile imperative movement is here and it’s only going to intensify. According to IDC predictions, mobile workers will account for nearly three quarters (72.3%) of the total US workforce by 2020. The growing usage of mobile devices coupled with rising expectations from users in the workplace means that mobile is no longer a secondary thought in Service Management; it’s a core and vital capability for business success.

These trends are the power behind today’s announcement: EasyVista’s Mobile-First Strategy Embraced Worldwide as the Mandate to Mobilize Service Management Becomes Urgent

At the core of it, mobility is the imperative of service management in 2016, and it’s fueling growth and continued innovation of EasyVista, the only enterprise platform of its kind built for the mobile era.

Why are IT Leaders Embracing Mobility?

With both the opportunities and challenges brought on by IoT and BYOD trends, the importance of mobile is not lost on the IT department. In fact, we’ve seen that mobile-first is becoming a major determining factor in Service Management vendor selection. IT specialists are now looking for systems that put mobility at the forefront in order to meet users’ needs on the devices they use day in and day out. The recent “2016 Trends in Enterprise Mobility” Report from 451 Research further explains:

“More IT decision-makers are thinking mobile-first. Our 2016 Trends in Enterprise Mobility survey found that for the first time, 40% more companies are planning to prioritize the mobilization of general business apps over the next two years than those just prioritizing mobilizing field and sales teams. IT leaders need to look for vendors that are mobile-first ready."

The Mobile-first Approach

Earlier today we shared our own experiences on how EasyVista’s mobile-first approach to service management is being embraced worldwide by enterprises across every industry. An expanded customer base, strong company metrics, and positive feedback from our current customers are all strong indicators that the mobile-first vision our founders had for the product years ago has truly become a reality. As the only service management platform built from the ground up as a mobile experience, we are excited to help enterprises reach their full mobile potential. Here are a few of our recent mobile-first product innovations from H2 2015:

- Easy to use with Mobile-First: EasyVista enhanced its User Service Apps for employees and end users to resolve problems, get information and request service—anytime via any device. This includes enhanced and simplified deployment methods, new and enhanced mobile widgets and thousands of small enhancements that make beautiful and efficient apps on smartphones and tablets.

- Easy to Configure with Codeless Configuration: EasyVista also advanced its codeless App Builder, an intuitive, interface for IT professionals as well as HR, Facilities, Customer Care and any line of business leaders to build service apps without a line of code. These innovations include a new theme builder to simplify the building of consistent and elegant mobile apps and easy integration with third-party web services via a REST API.

-  Comprehensive Service Management: EasyVista enhanced its Service Manager Platform for IT professionals to manage the entire service management lifecycle, with updates that include a new graphical workflow editor, enhanced codeless customization options and controls.

For more details on our mobile-first approach and market reception, read the full press release: EasyVista’s Mobile-First Strategy Embraced Worldwide as the Mandate to Mobilize Service Management Becomes Urgent

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Katie McKenna

Katie McKenna enjoys learning and sharing all things ITSM, IoT, SaaS, and IT Consumerization. She is also an avid reader, pizza enthusiast, and horror movie lover.