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Erika Troconis-Rodell | October 15, 2019

EasyVista 2019 Customer Conference: Working Together for the Future of Work

Kicking off the event in Austin, TX, EV Connect brings EasyVista customers, partners, and EV experts together to share their experiences and insights through collaborative discussions, technical trainings, and customer success stories.

EasyVista previewed its latest product update release: Cobalt. This release was developed to provide next-generation updates to the EV Self Help product which includes intelligent Service Bots technology enabling customers to quickly deploy Virtual Support Agents that learn from the knowledge in Self Help. Read full article here.

EV Connect 2019: Transforming Service for the Future of Work

This year’s theme, Transforming Service for the Future of Work, dives into how customer support organizations and IT can transform critical service functions by focusing on delivering value and improving customer experiences in today’s digital-first world.

EV Connect 2019 EasyVista Global Customer ConferencePhoto: EV Connect 2019 Kickoff in Austin, TX

EV Connect aims to help customers network with other like-minded EasyVista peers, share their success stories and challenges, and learn through hands-on training with EV experts. Attendees also had the opportunity to learn about the latest EasyVista tools and technologies to achieve service transformation success including ITSM, micro apps, intelligent knowledge management, self-help, virtual agents, AI, and more.

The event brought together customer success stories, partner showcases and technical sessions with EV experts. 

Customer Success Stories

EasyVista customers, like Carestream Dental, Creighton University and Domtar, shared insights on their recent achievements focusing on how to maximize the value of the EasyVista platform. In addition, all participating customer speakers received the Innovation Award as a thank you for their outstanding projects and for choosing EasyVista to help achieve them!

EV Connect 2019 EasyVista Global Customer ConferencePhoto: EV Connect 2019 Kickoff in Austin, TX

Partner Showcases

Customers interacted with EasyVista partners—including Firescope, FMX Solutions, Kelverion, and Scalable Software—that brought specialized service management experience and advanced certification to help customers with EV solutions that fit their unique needs.

EV Connect 2019 EasyVista Global Customer Conference

Photo: EV Connect 2019 Kickoff in Austin, TX

Technical Sessions with Experts

The EV Tech Lab offered one-on-one sessions with EV technical experts and gave the opportunity for customers to share their experiences with peers. Day 2 offered deep-dive sessions into the EasyVista platforms—EV Service Manager and EV Self Help—for customers to improve their skills and knowledge on the products as well as learn best practices in the core ITSM capabilities.

EV Connect 2019 Tech Lab ExpertsClick here to see the EV Connect 2019 Gallery

2019 EV Connect Global Customer Conference

Although we kicked off the event in Austin and have completed our stops in Madrid and Lisbon, EasyVista continues to host its regional EV Connect Global Customer Conference throughout Europe, from October through November 2019. The next conference will take place in Milan and will be closing the event in Paris. Here’s the full list of locations and dates:

EV Connect 2019 Lisbon
Photo: EV Connect 2019 Lisbon

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Erika Troconis-Rodell

Erika Troconis-Rodell is the Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at EasyVista. She leads the content and blog strategy for the company, and manages global digital marketing initiatives. She loves all things technology and enjoys reading about ITSM, IoT, and SaaS. Fun fact, she also speaks Spanish, French, and Mandarin.