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Sherry Macias | October 28, 2015

How Universities Get an “A+” in Service Management From Students on the Move

We know that CIOs and their teams in the corporate world are focused on how to bring more digital services and capabilities to their workforce. But you’re hard pressed to find the need so acute as in the world of Higher Education. Imagine managing the ‘onboarding’ and ‘offboarding’ thousands of students, twice a year. Not to mention the dynamic changes that occur within an entire student body and faculty in a single school year. Then factor in each student and faculty member bringing any number, and all types, of devices with them, and they expect to use all of them. Delivering digital services to students and staff, across the board, takes a unique product set. This is where EasyVista comes in.

Higher education is on the leading edge of IT. The highly demanding and dynamic environment has proven a perfect fit for EasyVista solutions whose robust, no-code Service AppStore backed by a powerful service management engine, enable universities to transform into digital workplaces.

This week we head to EDUCAUSE Conference 2015 in Indianapolis, where EasyVista is a key event sponsor. We can’t wait to connect with so many of our customers, like Villanova University and Gonzana University, and others to share our newest offerings that are tailor fit for our Higher Ed customers.

For more details check out this morning’s announcement, EasyVista Digitizes the Campus Service Experience. Learn more about how EasyVista is helping Villanova and Gonzaga digitize their campuses to drive value and efficiencies to their students and faculty.

“It was not that long ago that Villanova issued laptops to every incoming student,” noted Nick Bruns, HelpDesk Manager at Villanova University. “Today we have to support whatever combination of IP connected devices a student may bring with them. We accomplish this by combining our ‘Techzone’ genius-bar along with innovative self-service options for our students and faculty to utilize. Working with EasyVista, we have integrated our helpdesk knowledge base and automation tools into our Techzone processes, greatly scaling the number of students we can serve through intelligent self-service and rapid resolution. Next up, we’re creating a seamless Freshman experience leveraging EasyVista ServiceApps. From campus maps to IT services and even reporting dorm room issues, it will be a one-click, single interface on any device experience. This puts Villanova’s ‘UNIT’ Technology Services in a whole different light going forward.”

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Sherry Macias

Sherry Macias is a Silicon Valley veteran with years in executive marketing and communications working for leaders in the service management arena. Her passion today is exploring leading edge trends of service delivery through business apps to create a true digital workplace. She lives in San Diego where she continues her personal and professional aspirations… beachside.