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Katie McKenna | May 24, 2017

Mission Health Improves Vitals with ITIL & EasyVista ITSM

Like any first-rate health system organization, Mission Health is wholly committed to advancing the health and wellness of the people it serves. Sometimes those improvements come in the form of IT enhancements which power the organization’s 10,000+ healthcare workers behind the scenes. “We always remember there’s a patient at the other end of everything we do—and they may be in a life or death situation,” said Justin Meadows, Manager of IT Service Management for Mission Health. “Every moment is important and we can’t have a caregiver frustrated with their computer or distracted with an IT issue.” Read on or download the full case study to learn how Mission Health’s IT team utilized ITIL methodology and EasyVista ITSM to boost service delivery to caregivers while cutting costs.

A commitment to ITIL best practices

With an IT department comprised of over 300 professionals and built up through acquisitions, Mission Health knew it needed a uniform infrastructure and common procedures for service management. The ITIL framework fit the bill as the best way to lay a strong foundation and harmonize the department. It was clear that the organization needed to replace its current ITSM solution with an enterprise-grade platform that would fully support Mission Health’s commitment to ITIL.

Through a rigorous and comprehensive vendor selection process, it was ultimately determined that EasyVista was the right solution to bring Mission Health’s ITIL dreams to life. With powerful capabilities, award-winning workflows and embedded ITIL processes, Mission Health’s IT organization had everything it needed to support high levels of IT service.

It’s all about results!

With a new ITSM platform in place grounded in ITIL methodologies, Mission Health has improved service delivery to its vast network of healthcare workers by realizing benefits in the following key areas:

Incident Management – Workflows within EasyVista’s Incident Management module allow Mission Health’s IT team to restore services quickly with minimal impact on operations. Templates for tasks like updating their self-service site with messaging about the incident and sending mass notifications through their communications system have greatly sped up processes. Additionally, EasyVista improves the team’s ability to identify root causes.

Change Management – EasyVista’s Change Management module makes it simple to efficiently roll out changes without impacting service levels. Once again, templates streamline the process resulting in increased speed and better governance and compliance.

Cost Reduction – Mission Health can expand capabilities and functionality as needed by leveraging more EasyVista modules instead of incurring the costs of buying additional software solutions. Further cost reductions are realized by using EasyVista to centralize and support other technologies and healthcare equipment which are found outside of the traditional IT asset portfolio.

Learn more

Download the full Mission Health case study to find out which ITIL processes they are tackling next: Mission Health Puts the Power of ITIL to Work with EasyVista

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Katie McKenna

Katie McKenna enjoys learning and sharing all things ITSM, IoT, SaaS, and IT Consumerization. She is also an avid reader, pizza enthusiast, and horror movie lover.