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Krista Lyons | May 07, 2020

Next-Gen Service Desk Technologies: EasyVista Joins the BrightTALK Summit

During today’s rapid digital transformation, leaders are being forced to fast-track the use of new technologies to support the remote workforce. The next generation of tech is now. But what does that mean for the service desk and which technologies can help with the newly minted remote workforce?

EasyVista hopes to answer that question during the BrightTALK Digital Summit, The New Age of IT Service Management, where we will share information on technologies which can accelerate self-service in the remote work paradigm.

The summit, which begins May 12, 2020 and runs for four days, is sponsored in part by EasyVista, and includes discussions, webinars, keynote presentations, and webcam videos from the industry’s top thought leaders, engineers, CTOs, and architects. The sessions are free to attend and will also include a look at strategies for change management, DevOps and ITSM, unlocking automation, and next-gen service and help desks.

The New Age of IT Service Management and Next-Gen Help Desks

The trends that are changing the world are changing IT Service Management – but how can businesses benefit from these changes?

Classic approaches to ITSM are being redesigned with advances in technology like AI and machine learning, as well as automation. These advances can change the future of the service desk in a post-COVID-19 landscape and can impact teams for the better across the board. The trick is in implementing them correctly to get the highest value of each piece of technology.

EasyVista will join the "Next-Gen Service and Help Desks" track, where experts plan to discuss how these advances are revolutionizing the traditional service desk and help desk, and are intended for CIOs, directors, and senior support managers who need rapid solutions applicable to the remote work paradigm.

3 Technologies to Fast-Track Self-Service in the Remote Work Paradigm

On Thursday, May 14 at 2 p.m. EST, join thought leader and Group Principal Analyst with HDI and ICMI, Roy Atkinson, on behalf of EasyVista for a special live presentation.

During the current pandemic, companies and organizations have been acting fast to get people working productively from home or other remote locations. The demands for speed and flexibility have put tremendous stress on service desks and technical support centers, which are also dealing with their own departure from familiar offices with ready-access to systems and each other. At the same time, contact volume has increased dramatically as those not normally equipped or trained to work from home are working with systems and tools that are new to them. To lessen the strain on support, organizations need to ramp up self-service and self-help tools as rapidly as possible, while still providing end users with accurate and useful information.

Organizations should consider 3 technologies to enable better self-service:

  • Robust self-help technology to capture and deliver knowledge as well as provide solid metrics about its use
  • Omnichannel support to provide knowledge to users where ever they are—in applications, websites, or messaging tools
  • Chatbots and/or virtual agents that use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to keep knowledge contextual and provide guided support


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Krista Lyons

Krista Lyons is the Content Marketing Manager at EasyVista and is dedicated to sharing helpful information and industry insights through EasyVista's website, social media, and communications. A graduate of the University of Tampa, Lyons has a background in journalism and communications. She enjoys all things tech and has a passion for reading and writing about artificial intelligence.