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Erika Troconis-Rodell | December 12, 2018

Preparing Your Self-Service Portal for the Holidays

The holidays are around the corner, and EasyVista customers strike again in engaging their employees through technology to foster the Christmas spirit!

It was just a few months ago (during Halloween) that an IT team at an international mixed-use real estate company took advantage of EasyVista technology and transformed their self-service portal within hours to provide a fun and engaging experience, and Christmas is no different.

The holidays provide the perfect opportunity to give your IT self-service portal a fresh new look and  can enhance your employee’s user experience!

Learn more on how you can give any portal, app and dashboard a new look within  minutes!

Celebrating the Season “ITSM” Style

Last week, one of our customers decided to surprise their employees with a fun and cheerful holiday-inspired interface with the purpose of keeping them engaged, motivated and productive.



This time around, the company decided to put Santa to work for all IT needs for its employees and were able to achieve it in half the time! So how were they able to do that so quickly?

By using the right technology, the company created an intuitive and seamless self-service portal experience their employees were thrilled about.

The Three Must-Have Features When Updating Your IT Self-Service Portal

When thinking about redesigning your IT self-service portal, there are three elements your IT team cannot go without:

  • Codeless Creation – Many times, the IT service desk might not have the capacity to create a more focused experience in the self-service portal. By having the option of easily adding sections, images, and text to the portal without needing to code, the IT team can quickly develop an engaging interface (on any holiday) that employees will love. In this case, the company was able to update their ticket submission page by using drag-and-drop functionalities to make it a more ‘jolly’ experience.
  • Responsive Design – Creating visual stories that everyone can enjoy at any time, and from any device, is essential for an all-inclusive user experience. A self-service portal that looks great on desktop but is difficult to navigate on mobile could inhibit users from wanting to use it, so make sure your fresh holiday look can be experienced by all of your employees!
  • Ready-to-use Templates – Having to redesign a portal from ground zero can be overwhelming. With pre-built templates, your IT team can save time (and resources), so they don’t have to build from scratch. In this example, the company was able to build a base for the holiday portal in no time using easy-to-configure widgets and apps.

With the right tools you can take advantage of any holiday and give your employees a self-service portal they will get excited about and actually use! If you missed the opportunity to get creative and add some holiday spirit to your self-service portal, don’t worry you always have next year!

Happy Holidays!

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Erika Troconis-Rodell

Erika Troconis-Rodell is the Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at EasyVista. She leads the content and blog strategy for the company, and manages global digital marketing initiatives. She loves all things technology and enjoys reading about ITSM, IoT, and SaaS. Fun fact, she also speaks Spanish, French, and Mandarin.