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Katie McKenna | September 07, 2015

Tech Execs Reveal Major IoT Insights

In an effort to gain a deeper understanding of the Internet of Things space from a leadership perspective, Tom Smith, Industry analyst at DZone, interviewed 22 technology executives, including EasyVista General Manager of NA, Kevin Coppins. It was discovered that the executives often had similar views on the current and future IoT landscape, despite coming from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Due to these uniformities, some significant conclusions manifested regarding how opportunities and problems are addressed in the IoT space at the executive level. The full article, “Executive Insights on The Internet of Things,” can be found on page 24 of DZone’s 2015 Guide to The Internet of Things.

The executive interviews revealed that the greatest problem solved by IoT is real-time monitoring. The ability to see and respond to data changes as they occur in real time is invaluable. In his interview, Kevin Coppins gave a simple yet powerful example of this in the higher education industry. Coppins explained how modern technology allows professors to share tablet content with their class. Students can then tap in to collaborate on screen in real time with their peers—enriching the entire learning process for everyone involved. Additionally, there are many education apps that allow teachers to give pop quizzes and edit lesson plans on-the-fly depending on results.

A common theme throughout the article is the need for IoT applications to be open and agile, with the ability to easily integrate with other technologies. If the Consumerization of IT has taught us anything, it’s that products need to be built with flexibility and integration in mind. This is especially relevant for enterprise tools. End users will push for the continued integration of the technologies they use every day at work to match the experiences they have at home.

Executives agreed that the future of the Internet of Things is limitless. As Kevin Coppins put it: “The possibilities are endless and applications will stretch the imagination.” While concerns like security and privacy still need to be addressed, executives feel the benefits outweigh the negatives and IoT technology will continue to progress to support the creative ideas of tomorrow.

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Katie McKenna

Katie McKenna enjoys learning and sharing all things ITSM, IoT, SaaS, and IT Consumerization. She is also an avid reader, pizza enthusiast, and horror movie lover.