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Katie McKenna | June 23, 2017

Ultimate Guide: 10 Common ITIL Myths…Busted!

Let’s face it: If implementing ITIL was easy, everyone’s processes would be cranking perfectly and there would be no need for certifications and consultants. The thing that makes ITIL challenging is that you need to apply it to your organization’s individual environment, needs and culture. Additionally, there’s a lot of false information out there that will only make ITIL implementation more difficult.

What do you do when you’re not sure what’s fact and what’s fiction? You go to the experts of course! ITSM.tools’ Vawns Murphy has compiled the top 10 most prevalent ITIL myths along with what your IT organization should actually be doing for success into one, complimentary eBook. This resource is full of best practices, tips, and examples that will make it easy to deliver elegant IT services while maintaining a superior user experience.

What you’ll get from this free ITSM.tools eBook:

  • The top ten ITIL myths and why they’re hurting your service delivery processes
  • Actionable best practices and tips from a leading ITIL/ITSM expert
  • Basic ITIL improvements that will save time and enhance service quality
  • Real-world examples of ITIL done right (or in some cases, wrong!)

Download your copy of the ITSM.tools ebook here: 10 Common ITIL Myths…BUSTED!

Additionally, if you want the truth on even more ITIL myths, I recommend reading through our full ITIL Mythbusters series starting with: Change Management Truths You Needed Yesterday.

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Katie McKenna

Katie McKenna enjoys learning and sharing all things ITSM, IoT, SaaS, and IT Consumerization. She is also an avid reader, pizza enthusiast, and horror movie lover.