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John Prestridge | June 19, 2018

World Cup Soccer Ignites Friendly Competition at EasyVista

With the World Cup starting last week in Russia, there’s great excitement around the world with over 32 teams vying for the championship.  The World Cup has billions of viewers with national football pride exhibited at gatherings, watch parties, and office pools. The World Cup, like no other sporting event, brings people together across all countries as we watch organized competition, national pride, and sportsmanship.

As a global software company, the World Cup is a fantastic opportunity to build on our culture by cultivating participation of our employees in the activities. One of the key ways to improve culture is to provide opportunities for your employees to communicate and have fun around a common interest.  The World Cup uniquely provides a topic that interests most and can be used to engage with your employees, especially with the use of technology that facilitates collaboration and competition.

EV Cup: Let the Games Begin!

Because of this, we sought to capture the spirit of this global competition and get our employees in on the action. We looked to our own technology to power a friendly competition and created our very own EV Cup application.  The application is available to all global employees and enables them to engage in friendly competition with other employees around the World Cup to have a little fun!


Here’s How it Works:

Employees pick which teams they think will win in each of the rounds.  After each game, points are awarded and tallied until all rounds are played and a champion is named. 

Within the portal, all employees, no matter where they are located, can easily make their picks, track how their selected teams are doing, view match schedules and point standings, get real-time updates on the matches, socialize with other employees, and more!  The EV Cup app is a perfect example of how technology can quickly engage employees globally around a common topic for collaboration and innovation.


Engaging Apps are the Future of IT

Delivering engaging user experiences, like the “EV Cup” app, that are purpose-built is the future of IT. Much like the consumer world, IT must deliver user experiences that help employees work and innovate to power digital transformation.  Traditional approaches to building this type of portal or app would normally require many weeks of customizing complex platforms with tedious coding and scripting.  But with EasyVista’s ITSM platform and Service Apps technology, we are going beyond IT and fully embracing the user experience and allow portals, apps, and dashboards to be delivered in hours. Customers can use this technology to power a new generation of business service delivery that boosts productivity and reduces overall costs.   

With EasyVista, the Possibilities are Endless

The EV Cup is just one example of what EasyVista technology can be tailored for.  Want to learn how you can empower your digital workforce with no-code service apps technology? Get more information at www.easyvista.com/technology/service-appsYou will learn how IT teams can provide more automated and personalized user experiences while at the same time cutting costs and increasing efficiency. 

Learn how to provide more automated and personalized user experiences while  cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

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John Prestridge

John Prestridge is an accomplished marketing and product strategist focused on customer needs. He helped drive product innovation and market development within the IT service management software industry to support the digital transformation of enterprise companies. He is a firm believer that ITSM 2.0 is the critical path for companies transitioning to the Digital Workplace. Prestridge brings broad expertise in the technologies shaping the future workplace, including service management, cloud computing, application virtualization, mobility, intelligent automation, and compliance.