Driving User Adoption with Purposeful Apps

If you’re like most organizations, your end users find the need to have a personalized application that caters to the requirements of their role. These roles require different types of IT services, have varying levels of technical knowledge, and even use dissimilar terminology. Using a “one size fits all” approach for IT services leads to unhappy users and IT staff. IT needs a better way to deliver a more engaging interface that provides simple access to data, processes, and systems based on the unique needs of the user.


Watch this quick 30-min demo showcasing how EasyVista Service Apps technology can create immersive user experiences for increased adoption and higher ROI. We’ll highlight how three different roles (Contract Managers, IT Technicians, and CIOs) can gain value from purposeful apps or portals that are catered to their role, using features like:

  • Push-button operations to make service requests quick and fool-proof
  • Responsive, mobile design that allows access to key information at any time, from any device
  • Custom transaction experiences based on role, location, permissions, and more

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