EMA_logoTransforming End-User Support With Next-Generation IT Service Management

Research from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) shows a growing focus on ITSM as a “hub of innovation” within the organization. 

By leveraging forward-thinking technologies and processes, IT teams can provide more automated and personalized user experiences, while cutting costs and boosting efficiency. Using a more unified approach to customer support ensures higher adoption rates, and achieves the number one ITSM strategic priority, “improving end-user experiences”.

This EMA white paper spotlights how to streamline work while effectively accelerating ITSM adoption in the face of shifting requirements and needs. You’ll learn:

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  • The latest ITSM best practices
  • An optimized user experience
  • The need for enhanced mobility
  • Advances in self-service-related technologies
  • Innovation in higher levels of automation, knowledge management and analytics


Download the white paper to see the latest next-gen ITSM best practices, and note EMA’s top five recommendations for more effective ITSM adoption.

Download the White Paper