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Running an Effective IT Service Desk During and After a Pandemic

Pandemic hurting your Service Desk? You are not alone.

Whether you already have a remote team in place, or this is your “new normal”, one thing is certain: COVID-19 has changed the way IT service desks operate.

Your service desk is being challenged to adapt to new circumstances on a daily basis. They may be inundated with requests with the shift to remote work while I&O leaders are being forced to consider alternative support methods. Do you have a plan to help them rise to the occasion and continue to pivot long after the pandemic ends?

Download Gartner’s Running an Effective IT Service Desk During and After a Pandemic and learn how you can turn the pandemic into an opportunity to change your service desk and prepare to better handle future disruptions, all while handling the day-to-day changes during and after the crisis. 

We believe this report will address how to:

  • Reduce demand on your overworked IT service desk
  • Manage service expectations by providing modified SLAs
  • Keep vital support channels available by providing your IT service desk with the necessary tools, such as self-service access

Get your complimentary copy of the report today!

Gartner, Gartner Report: Running an Effective IT Service Desk During and After a Pandemic, Chris Matchetl, 17 April 2020

Download the Report