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January 31, 2014

EasyVista Accelerates Past 25 Years With Celebration Of Growth

Fiscal year results for 2013 confirms the Company’s strategies for Cloud and increased investment internationally.

New York, January 31st, 2014 - EasyVista Inc. (www.easyvista.com), a global leader in cloud-based IT Service and Asset Management, has celebrated 25 years as a software developer and vendor by closing 2013 on a billable revenue and share price high.

EasyVista, founded as Staff and Line in 1988, first entered the software market as PCs were becoming widespread in the workplace and the Company’s early applications reflected the need to manage the emerging desktop population. Throughout the 1990s this only increased as IT’s requirement to manage its assets became mission critical and ITIL became the dominant framework to help those seeking support and service structures to manage the demands of the business and its end-users.

EasyVista was now in the vanguard of the market as IT service and asset management became an integrated proposition. Unlike many of the remaining vendors from this period (Remedy (now BMC), Bendata (now Frontrange) and LANDesk, to name a few), the EasyVista approach has never been to try and fast-track a portfolio through a succession of hit-or-miss acquisitions. Consequently today the Company’s solutions are free of legacy code and avoid the need for heavy-lift upgrades and administration.

25 years on and Sylvain Gauthier and Jamal Labed, Co-Founders and CEO and COO respectively, continue to keep their principles true; develop with the customer for the customer.
“25 years and we will not stop pressing ahead. In 2014 we have many initiatives that we are readying for launch, such as EasyVista CSN 3.0, which will create a true peer-to-peer network for our increasing number of worldwide customers,” remarked Labed. “We recognise our success has to be a shared experience. We have never lost sight of the fact that EasyVista solutions simply enable the inherent best practice of 1000s of customers and providing them with a wider experience with their peers allows everyone to broaden their service horizons for another 25 years.”

The need to respond to diverse service management demands of its customers also saw the Company launch EV Labs, these state-of-the-art development facilities in Madrid and Paris opened in December. EV Labs will not only advance EasyVista’s development strategy, with a wider Cloud platform and app-driven presentation layer for end-users but also allow the Company to nurture its own development talent for the longer-term.

So it was a fitting celebration of 25 years that consolidated turnover for software, services and maintenance for EasyVista, in 2013, increased significantly ahead of the 7.3% growth currently being predicted for the market by analysts, TechNavio, and importantly Cloud subscriptions continued their strong upward momentum. By the end of December the Company’s share price had increased 340% over the previous 12 months.

Other FY 2013 highlights include:

  • EasyVista ITSM scores highly for PinkVerify 2011 – certified for 11 ITIL Processes
  • EasyVista achieves a prominent position on the 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant for ITSSM
  • EasyVista acquires Rift Technologies
  • EasyVista signs a significant $1m deal with a global banking group
  • EasyVista is recognised for its export business in Europe
  • EasyVista continues to grow in the Americas and adds further headcount and resources
  • EasyVista opens its first office in Germany to support customer and channel growth

Final and full disclosure of results for fiscal year 2013 (January to December) will be available during February 2014.

For more information please contact:

Andrew Smith
Director of Corporate Marketing