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October 17, 2013

EasyVista Acquires Rift Technologies to Extend Value-Added Cloud Services

EasyVista acquires innovation and technology to strengthen its product development capabilities.

New York, October 17th, 2013 - EasyVista Inc. (www.easyvista.com), a global leader in cloud based IT Service and Asset Management, has announced the acquisition of Rift Technologies in order to accelerate its development of self-service technologies in recognition of its customers’ increasing demand for a consumerized IT experience.

Since 2006 Rift Technologies has been pioneering web applications and solutions. InstallClick was one of the first products available for organizations wishing to automate software distribution from an end-user perspective; its subsequent development now provides solutions that are better recognized today as enterprise App Stores. InstallClick runs as a fully secure SaaS service which is fast and easy to deploy without any local server installation. This highly competitive service allows end-users to install Company-authorized applications to their chosen devices through a web-portal, without any technical knowledge or assistance. The early and innovative use of M2M (Machine-to-Machine) technology has seen Rift Technologies quickly amass over one million InstallClick users.

“Today the simplicity offered by our technology has required significant investment in research and development resources. With EasyVista we are satisfied that the success of InstallClick will be sustained and built upon further.” Commented Laurent Boutboul, President of Rift Technologies.

Sylvain Gauthier, President of EasyVista, confirmed the strategic reasons for the acquisition, “Rift will allow us to integrate their technology into future versions of EasyVista ITSM to extend the value-added cloud services we already provide as part of a dynamic Service Catalogue. Such advances are in line with current Analyst commentary where Gartner state that 50% of companies will offer an increasing number of services through private clouds to its staff and partners by 2017. We are confident that integrating this visionary technology, which is proven, robust and reliable, will accelerate our market leadership.”

The acquisition will conclude on taking over 100% of the shareholding of Rift Technologies. The amount of the acquisition is not disclosed and the transaction will have a limited impact on EasyVista accounts.

For more information please contact:

Andrew Smith
Director of Corporate Marketing