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October 27, 2015

EasyVista Digitizes the Campus Service Experience

Helping Universities, such as Villanova and Gonzaga, Automate and Consumerize Services for Students, Faculty and Staff

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – OCTOBER 27TH, 2015 EDUCAUSE Conference 2015 – EasyVista Inc., a global leader in digital service management, today announces comprehensive offerings for the Higher Education market, partnering with universities, such as Villanova and Gonzaga, across the country to help them consolidate, consumerize and automate student, faculty and staff services.

Higher Education is the Leading Edge of IT

The EasyVista suite of solutions are proving effective for the unique needs of Universities such as onboarding and offboarding thousands of students each fall and spring. Faculty and staff need instantaneous, one-click resolution to their daily needs. BYO-Everything is increasing exponentially with students and staff expecting to employ any and all devices, apps and network connections to manage their everyday life.
“The average incoming freshman now brings three devices along with them to freshman orientation, and I’ve seen as many as nine,” stated James Bradley, Senior Higher Education leader and former CIO. To address these new campus realities, “University services need to be provided to students and educators in the ‘mobile-app-one-click’ environment they understand.”

“It was not that long ago that Villanova issued laptops to every incoming student,” noted Nick Bruns, HelpDesk Manager at Villanova University. “Today we have to support whatever combination of IP connected devices a student may bring with them. We accomplish this by combining our ‘Techzone’ genius-bar along with innovative self-service options for our students and faculty to utilize. Working with EasyVista, we have integrated our helpdesk knowledge base and automation tools into our Techzone processes, greatly scaling the number of students we can serve through intelligent self-service and rapid resolution. Next up, we’re creating a seamless freshman experience leveraging EasyVista ServiceApps. From campus maps to IT services and even reporting dorm room issues, it will be a one-click, single interface on any device experience. This puts Villanova’s ‘UNIT’ Technology Services in a whole different light going forward.”

“We knew that getting our entire IT organization to use the same processes was the first and most critical foundational step we needed to take to prepare for the future,” stated Roger Cummings, Project Manager at Gonzaga University. “The great thing about EasyVista is that it has the flexibility to allow us to build our processes our way and I don’t have to hire a half-dozen programmers to accomplish the transformation. We’ve been able to significantly improve our overall service levels through workflows and automation without increasing any overhead, which is critical for our environment.”

“Higher Education experiences tectonic shifts in both technology and culture years ahead of anyone else, even the enterprise,” stated Kevin Coppins, General Manager Americas for EasyVista. “University CIOs are at the epicenter of the new IT model, one that is completely driven by the end-user and is focused on providing truly meaningful and competitive services. Students are accustomed to Amazon, iTunes and Uber-like experiences and have no tolerance for the bureaucracy that a large university can burden them with. By helping simplify service delivery and focusing on the end-users that consume those services, EasyVista can significantly help modern universities transform and compete.”

About EasyVista

EasyVista Inc., a global leader in consumerized Service Management and SaaS Business Apps for the mid to large-sized enterprise, has more than 25 years of experience as a pure player in the service management space. EasyVista designs and develops innovative Enterprise Apps Store solutions, empowering organizations with the technology to deliver a wide range of IT & non-IT services to their employees, suppliers or customers with the same ease of use as a consumer Apps Store (Apple, Google, etc.) The company has a direct presence around the world with offices in the US, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and Portugal. EasyVista is quoted on NYSE Alternext exchange.

For more information, visit www.easyvista.com and follow @EasyVista.


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Jamie Diamond