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May 29, 2014

EasyVista Expands UK Operations and Partner Network

UK Customer event will launch ev|ServiceManager, ev|ServiceApps and ev|Click2Get and announce a new inclusive strategy for EasyVista.

London, 29th May 2014 - EasyVista Inc. (www.easyvista.com), a global leader in IT Service and Asset Management solutions, has announced new initiatives to expand its UK Sales and Support structure to benefit its existing customers , at a time when its new solutions respond to market needs for a digitised service experience.

The EasyVista Partner network has been trading in the UK for over 10 years and with good success, notably Expro North Sea have implemented ev|ServiceManager globally and most recently the Premier League became a customer. With competition displacing each other and customers’ agendas being influenced by New IT and disrupted by Shadow IT, EasyVista has taken the decision to increase investment in UK and provide Sales, Marketing and Support resources to assist CRMworks, its accredited distribution partner.

“Such is the pace that business is forcing process change and technology choice, so our responsibility to IT organisations wishing to transform the delivery of services is now success critical. The first stage of our UK initiative is to help our clients transform their service delivery and provide solutions that deal with the ‘Age of the Customer’ head-on. Our codeless design environment removes the complexities typically associated with legacy enterprise providers so new services are realised quickly’, commented Andrew White, EVP and General Manager of EasyVista. ‘More than this, the recent launch delivers the presentation layer sought after by the business and end-users, where services and information are accessible through familiar interfaces; where a Service Store will broker the services of many 3rd party enterprise solutions, to parse the information, logically, into services as apps. These new differentiating products solve problems quickly for EasyVista customers and allow our partners to further digitise all business services through data and process integration.”

Such is the Company’s resource commitment to the UK that CRMworks has been appointed as an EasyVista Elite Distributor to oversee customer upgrades to the new product set as well as increasing UK coverage. CRMworks have a reputation for close working with vendors and offering a level of commercial collaboration focused on ensuring the right solution is correctly configured and deployed for the customer.

“It is a compliment to CRMworks that EasyVista recognise our qualities for assisting vendors in full market-entry. We have proven sales and services skills on-board and the capability to provide full value-added services to customers or jointly lead bid support projects with EasyVista.’ Responded David Knowles, the Managing Director at CRMworks. ‘The trajectory EasyVista is currently on globally, the positive commentary it is receiving from the analysts about its strategy and innovation, indicates to us that this will be a relationship founded on trust and grown by success.”

EasyVista UK is headquartered close to London and its Marketing and Pre-Sales Engineering teams are available to its Customers, CRMworks and its Partners. A Customer Success Network event to launch EV|ServiceManager, EV|ServiceApps and EV|Click2Get and present CRMworks will be held in central London on June 19th.

For more information please contact:

Andrew Smith
Director of Corporate Marketing