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July 17, 2014

EasyVista Global Customer Success Network (CSN) Events Gain Customer Mindshare

EasyVista’s Success 14 events in New York, Seattle, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon and London sees excitement growing on product strategy and audience participation providing new insights for the Company

New York, July 17th, 2014 - EasyVista Inc. (www.easyvista.com), a global leader in IT Service and Asset Management solutions, received overwhelming response to its latest product releases during its six city tour of North America and Europe. Record numbers of customers attended these events and the surveys completed confirmed many of the capabilities leading analyst firms have recently cited as core strengths of EasyVista.

These events during May and June were used to showcase the latest version of ev|ServiceManager, the Company’s ITIL verified solution, although overwhelming customer reaction came from the upcoming launches of ev|ServiceApps and ev|Click2Get. The preview EasyVista customers received demonstrated the need, under the challenge from Shadow IT, to control IT with the ability to empower the user through familiar interfaces and consumerized on-demand services.

“We appreciate the fine-balance IT organizations have to find between maintaining an infrastructure, the New IT demands of the business and the experience expected by end-users; their customers,’ remarked Andrew White, EVP and General Manager (Americas) at EasyVista. ‘Our strategy and roadmap address this agenda head-on and not only empowers the end-user but also IT to fully engage with the business and offset the disruptive nature of Shadow IT.”

Customers attending these events included Associated Press, Vinci and Midas and they witnessed the ease with which ev|ServiceApps and ev|Click2Get can quickly allow IT to merchandise its services to the business through storefronts built on recognizable interfaces for the user to access. The customers’ reaction could conclude the age-old debate of when IT will find a way to bridge the chasm that has seemingly existed with the business.

For many of the attending EasyVista customers, this is a significant launch but not a surprise. The CSN survey conducted with the events’ audiences highlighted a number of key facts about the installed base.

  • Over 80% made their buying decision based upon the codeless advantage of EasyVista. Many choosing to migrate from high-maintenance, high administration legacy ITSM solutions
  • As a consequence, 73% of customers are planning or using EasyVista for rapid New IT process realization, especially in areas such as BYOD self-registration for employees
  • Nearly 90% of customers are reviewing their IT Service Catalog requirements (regardless of implementation) in light of the changing services needed by the business
  • Over 60% have extended, or are in the process of extending, EasyVista for organizational services, where HR/Payroll and Facilities Management were found to be the most common start-point

For more information please contact:

Andrew Smith
Director of Corporate Marketing