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August 14, 2014

EasyVista Recognized As Leading ITSM Cloud Challenger In New 451 Research Report

EasyVista seen as a prominent mid-market/mid-enterprise ITSM Cloud software suite provider with growing exposure in larger enterprises.

New York, August 14, 2014 - EasyVista Inc. (www.easyvista.com), a global leader in IT Service and Asset Management offerings, welcomes the latest 451 Research Report, ‘The ServiceNow Effect’, as an accurate market commentary on how vendors, and their customers, are repositioning their ITSM offerings in the Cloud. The report reflects EasyVista’s success as IT departments seek to extend their ITSM platforms to realize more service request applications for business users.

The report recognizes the continued growth of the ITSM SaaS sector, currently estimated to be worth $707m. However, the trajectory the industry is on, with a projected worth of $2.7bn by 2017, is shaping an increasingly competitive vendor landscape. Until now much of the market has been defined by enterprise adoption, but as economic conditions shift, many mid- and lower market IT Departments have now joined the adoption curve, as they deploy Cloud-based solutions for greater reach and flexibility and lower operating overheads.

As the market accelerates, many vendors will increase revenues from ‘early-adopter’ customers as existing SaaS three year contracts mature and expire. These customers will not just be at a natural decision point, they will also have a level of experience that will drive a need to satisfy new business requirements, greater configuration and customization agility; in turn this will drive a high level of replacement business.

“We are delighted to be viewed as one of the market’s major players. We are experiencing high demand as organizations seek viable solutions, that are easy-to-use, agile and capable of satisfying the New IT demands of business, ’ commented Andrew White, EVP Marketing and General Manager for EasyVista Americas & UK. ‘The recognition matches the investment EasyVista has made in its Cloud infrastructure and Management Centers that guarantee full availability and immediate 24/7 support of customer’s configurations. Our design environment and platform allows easy configuration for everything – look and feel, new request services and IT Stores. The report substantiates EasyVista’s core values.”

The report highlights EasyVista’s entry into this market in 2005, where only ServiceNow and SysAid have been ITSM SaaS vendors longer. 60% of EasyVista’s new business implementations are for its Cloud ITSM solutions, typically in organizations employing more than 4,000 staff. 451 Research identified the Company’s codeless platform, EasyVista Neo, as the design environment through which customers can easily change and modify existing processes and workflow to deliver their own service applications and non-IT service desks.

451 Research concluded that, “EasyVista is moving up to larger deal sizes and making some headway in the US at the same time. SaaS has been a key growth driver at the company and as the only publicly traded company in this segment, it can provide good visibility into its performance, and right now, it’s doing pretty well.”

Recipients of the report will be able to use it as a decision support document. Its contents work well as a viewpoint on the health and future of the Cloud ITSM market and tactically will assist CIOs in their assessments of the top-level strengths of the major vendors.

Note on 451 Research
The Report ‘The ServiceNow Effect’ was authored by Dennis Callaghan, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Software at 451 Research.
451 Research (www.451research.com) is a leading global analyst and data company focused on the business of enterprise IT innovation. Clients of the company — at end-user, service-provider, vendor and investor organizations — rely on 451 Research’s insight through a range of syndicated research and advisory services to support both strategic and tactical decision-making.

About EasyVista
EasyVista Inc., a leading provider of IT Service and Asset Management software, has more than 25 years of experience as a pure player in the IT Management space. The company has a direct presence around the world with offices in the US, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and Portugal. EasyVista is quoted on NYSE Alternext exchange. For more information, visit: www.easyvista.com.

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Andrew Smith
Director of Corporate Marketing